Lancaster Virtual Reality Lounge

Lancaster Virtual Reality Lounge

Lancaster, PA 17603

Unfortunately, Lancaster VR Lounge has now closed


Here is a Nice Thank You Note from the Owner:



We opened LVRL in February of 2019 and we never really knew what to expect. We always thought it would be a huge hit and become an enormous success. And in so many ways it was.

We weathered COVID, financial downturn, staffing issues, and everything else the world could throw at us. Sure we were a little worse for wear each time, but we survived. This is something that will always make us proud… we never gave up!

But more than that, this little arcade has give us so much in return.

LVRL was the spot for countless date nights and family nights and friends nights and everything in between. LVRL has given many of our staff members their very first job and given them an opportunity to grow and learn and break out of their shells. LVRL has hosted countless birthday parties for children, many with special needs, providing everyone with memories that will be cherished forever. And LVRL has given so many, of every race, creed, gender and orientation, a safe space to have fun and be themselves.

LVRL has given everyone, from children as young as 4 to adults older than 90… from people that use wheelchairs to those with fears and anxiety… from women wanting to reconnect with girlfriends and men wanting to celebrate their weddings… a place to realize that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!

This arcade gave so much to so many people, and asked for so little in return. Personally, it gave me more than I could have ever asked for… and it is with the heaviest of hearts that we say good bye.

For all of you that were fortunate enough to experience it, I hope that it will hold a special place in your heart. I know it will forever hold one in mine.

All the best,

Eric Kazda
Owner and Humbled VR Enthusiast


We wish Eric every success in his future endeavors!

Virtual reality at the Lancaster Virtual Reality Lounge is an amazing way to do something fun and different with your friends, family and coworkers.

Defuse bombs, venture through escape rooms, or just have fun in our 50+ different VR experiences.

Everything is possible when you hang out at the Lancaster Virtual Reality Lounge.


Lancaster Virtual Reality Lounge

Lancaster, PA 17603