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Enjoy Lancaster’s Many Amish Country Attractions in 2023

Lancaster County, PA is home to the second-largest Amish settlement in the world. Visitors come from around the world wanting to see a real Amish farm or even an “Amish village.” Fortunately, there are many ways to learn more about Amish culture and what the Amish believe.

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If you’re looking for things to do in Amish Country PA, Lancaster County’s unique Amish attractions offer a good place to start (scroll down for a list). You can take a walking tour of Amish exhibits or homesteads (think of them as museums about the Amish). Or maybe you’d prefer to take a scooter or bus tour through the countryside past Amish farms. Of course, you can even take an Amish buggy ride and learn about their way of life while riding in a carriage driven by an Amishman.

Amish Country Attractions In Lancaster, Pa

There’s plenty of things to do to learn about the Amish in Lancaster, PA. Check out the list below »

Here in Amish Country Pennsylvania, you can get away from your hectic urban environment and find a more relaxed, slower-paced atmosphere along our picturesque country roads. You can even take Amish farm tours while you are here. That’s just one of the many reasons this area is such a popular vacation and weekend getaway spot. If you’re wondering what Amish things to do in Lancaster, PA, scroll down to see our curated list. Also, check out our full list of things to do in Lancaster, PA.

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Learn About Amish Life in Lancaster County

Here are a few businesses and organizations where you can ask questions about the Amish while you learn firsthand what the Amish life is all about. Explore Amish culture and learn why they choose to live a different lifestyle from you and I. You may even find that studying the Amish way of life makes you rethink some of your own priorities.

If you want to know more about the Amish lifestyle — such as who are the Amish, why do they live the way they do, and why do they avoid modern conveniences — then see the list of Amish Attractions below.

Other Amish Attractions You Might Also Enjoy


List of Top Amish Attractions for 2023

Amish Country Homestead & One-Room School

Amish Country Homestead & One-Room School

Tour the only officially designated “Heritage Site” Amish house. Explore the nine rooms as your certified guide unravels the riddles of Amish clothing and life without electricity. Sit at authentic Amish desks in the Fisher One-Room School and learn how eight grades are taught in one room.

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Amish Country Homestead

Amish Experience
3121 Old Philadelphia Pike (Rt. 340)
Bird-in-Hand, PA 17505

The BBQ Barn – Amish Made Food

The BBQ Barn – Amish Made Food

Join us at the Amish Farm and House for a delicious Amish made take-out meal. The BBQ Barn is cooking up grilled barbecued chicken, rib, and pork dinners. All meals include homemade coleslaw, whoopie pie, barbecued potatoes, roll and drink.  Open Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.

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The BBQ Barn

at The Amish Farm and House
2395 Covered Bridge Drive
Lancaster, PA 17602

Lil’ Country Store & Miniature Horse Farm

Lil’ Country Store & Miniature Horse Farm

Visit our Amish farm and make new friends with our wonderful miniature horses. You can pet them, feed them, ride them, or take a cart ride. Also, pet and feed our goats and horses. Our Lil' Country Store sells Amish-made furniture, quilts, craft items, toys, food products, and gifts.

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Lil' Country Store & Miniature Horse Farm

264 Paradise Lane
Ronks (near Paradise), PA 17572

FAQs About Amish Attractions

Is Amish country worth visiting?

Yes! Visiting the Pennsylvania Amish country can be a relaxing and charming experience. From working Amish farms to windmills, it’s easy for visitors to see how traditional life is lived among this close-knit community.

What are the best Amish attractions in Lancaster, PA?

Lancaster has a wide variety of Amish attractions:

  • Buggy Rides
  • Amish Home & Farm Experiences
  • Amish Restaurants
  • Amish Bus Tours
  • …and much more!

Can you visit amish towns?

There are a few Amish towns around the country, but the most immersive, welcoming experience for visitors is found in Lancaster, PA. You can find out what it’s like to live and work among the Amish people. You can explore their culture, traditions, and history through tours of a real farm or by visiting museums with informative displays about this fascinating people group!

Are the Amish friendly to tourists?

Many Amish people are friendly and enjoy talking with outsiders, but they don’t want to be treated like a tourist attraction. The vast majority of outsiders come away feeling like they’ve been treated respectfully by these humble, hardworking folk with only one requirement: respect them back when engaging with any individual or group member at all times.