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Welcome to one of the charming small villages that help to make Lancaster County so unique – Strasburg, Pennsylvania.

Strasburg is in southern Lancaster County, south and east of Lancaster City. Strasburg is near the intersection of Routes 896 and 741 south of Route 30.

In the late 1600’s the area around present day Strasburg was visited by French fur traders, then eventually settled by Swiss Mennonites and Huguenots from the Alsace region of France. Strasbourg was the cathedral city of that Alsace region. Some of the original log houses from the 18th century still remain.

Strasburg prospered due to the volume of traffic along the Old Conestoga Road (Route 741 today) between Philadelphia and Lancaster. However, that traffic subsided around 1795 with the opening of the Lancaster Turnpike (along today’s Route 30).

The borough of Strasburg was established in 1816. In 1832 the Strasburg Rail Road was chartered to connect both freight and passenger service from Strasburg to the rest of the national rail system. This rail road is Pennsylvania’s oldest continually chartered public utility.

Today, Strasburg is a center of numerous railroad attractions and first-rate theatrical productions. You’ll also find unique shops and 18th century homes, brick-paved walks, Amish buggies, and numerous family attractions . . . all just a short train or buggy ride away.

Some visitors have asked if the buildings in Strasburg are false facades just put up for show. Well, these buildings are real homes and businesses. People live and work in this town just like anywhere else. It’s just that Strasburg, like so many towns throughout Lancaster County, has retained that unique small-town flavor that is lost in many communities today.

There are numerous events here throughout the year. Many are listed in our Strasburg events calendar below. Here is some footage from the Strasburg Fire Company Spring Auction (mud sale):

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