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Kitchen Kettle Village
Old Country Store
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Top Places to Shop in Lancaster County, PA (2022 List)

The high caliber of products you’ll find in Lancaster County stores and shops is a reflection of the solid work ethic for which Lancaster County is known. Our variety of stores, shops, and outlets attract every kind of customer, from bargain shoppers to novelty shoppers to utility shoppers. If you can’t find it when shopping in Lancaster County, you’re probably just not looking hard enough!

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Here you can indulge yourself in a wide variety of shops, stores and malls throughout Lancaster County, the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch Country. You’ll find everything from locally made foods and furniture to national brand products, often at special prices. Of course you’ll find Amish-owned stores in Lancaster, but many other shops sell Amish-made furniture or other Amish-made products. There’s a variety of country stores in the area. Plus, some merchants make it easy for you by shipping their merchandise right to your door (for a separate listing of mail order and online shopping opportunities, see our online shopping directory).

Here’s our list of where to shop in Lancaster, PA…

Popular Stores & Shops in Lancaster County:

That Fish Place – That Pet Place

Visit the Largest Pet Store You’ve Ever Seen! Explore 88,000 square feet of aquarium, pet & pond supplies, up to 60% off retail everyday! Discover hundreds of live fish, exotic reptiles, birds, and cuddly small animals. Touch live stingrays at the Pirate’s Cove Touch-tank! Pets Welcome! You've got to see this place!

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237 Centerville Road
Lancaster, PA 17603

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Amish Books & Videos

Choose from a wide selection of Amish non-fiction books, Amish fiction, Amish romance novels, videos, and information about Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Visit Store

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Bird-in-Hand Farmers Market

Don't miss a visit to one of the Dutch Country's premier shopping destinations.  Our 25 plus vendors offer a wide variety of foods, including meats and cheese, produce, canned and baked goods, snacks and so much more.  In addition we have locally made silk floral arrangements, crafts, furniture and toys.

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2710 Old Philadelphia Pike (Rt. 340)
Bird-in-Hand, PA 17505

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Kitchen Kettle Village

Create memories when you discover a Village of 40+ unique shops, restaurants & lodging built around one of Lancaster County’s most famous kitchens. Sample freshly made salsa and pickles, see fudge being poured, and taste award winning wines. Open Monday - Saturday. Closed Sundays.

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3529 Old Philadelphia Pike (Rt. 340)
Intercourse, PA 17534

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Morgantown Reuzit MCC Thrift Shop

Visit one of the quaintest and friendliest thrift stores in Eastern Lancaster County.  Our Cozy Shoppe features clothing, housewares, books, home décor, toys, jewelry, sewing and crafts and so much more! Our customers love our 50 cent clothing room and we also have a silent auction with vintage and collector’s items.

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2769 Main Street
Eastern, PA 19543

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Old Country Store – Quilts & Fabrics in Intercourse, PA

Historic store offering Lancaster County’s finest, locally handmade quilts and crafts. We proudly sell “Made in USA.” Also favored for our exceptional customer service, extensive selection of quilting fabric and sewing notions, innovative kitchen gadgets, novelty wares, and old-fashioned toys.

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3510 Old Philadelphia Pike (Rt. 340)
Intercourse, PA 17534

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Where should I go shopping in Lancaster, PA?

You’ll find everything from national chains, to outlet malls, to locally-owned and family-owned stores.

If you’re looking for it, there’s a good chance you’ll find a store selling it in Lancaster County, PA.

What popular stores are in Lancaster, PA?

Outlet malls and Amish-owned (or PA Dutch stores) are quite popular, but that’s not all! Here’s a list to get you started.

Is Lancaster, PA good for shopping?

It’s hard to argue with the amount of variety and number of stores in Lancaster County, PA. There’s everything from trendy, boutique stores, to places to buy long-lasting Amish-made furniture. Whether you’re looking for shopping malls or Amish shopping destinations, you’ll find it all right here in PA Dutch Country!

What makes shopping in Lancaster, PA unique?

Where else in the world can you find all of these in the same place?

And if you can’t make it to the area, many Lancaster, PA-based stores are selling their products online.