What’s Open This Week in Lancaster, PA?

Many Lancaster County Businesses are Open

With this COVID-19 pandemic hopefully on the run, many Lancaster County businesses are opening their doors to the public once again. There are many fun things to do, the animals are out, and delicious homemade and farm fresh foods are calling you!

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Fed Up with Being Cooped Up?

Lancaster County, PA Offers a Breath of Fresh Air

Do you need a remedy for your cabin fever after months of being cooped up at home?

Come, getaway to the fresh air and open spaces that Lancaster County has to offer. Enjoy our beautiful Lancaster countryside and our unique diversity of local attractions, shops, and services. Here you’ll discover a wide selection of fun things to do for both adults and kids of all ages.

Plus, Lancaster County has miles and miles of open air Hiking Trails and beautiful scenic views and farmlands that are calling out to the adventurous. And don’t forget our Biking Trails and Horseback Riding Trails and waterways, too.

Delicious Dining, Take Out Meals, & Outdoor Dining

Don’t miss our wide selection of Restaurants and Cafes that offer a delicious variety of indoor dining and Take Out Meals. And with the warmer weather, Outdoor Dining can be a fun option on nice days!

Hotels, Bed & Breakfasts, Vacation Rentals & Campgrounds

There it too much to do in Lancaster County in just one day. Our variety of lodging options are here for you. You can sleep on a steamboat or on a farm or under the starts. Lancaster County offers a different option for almost every day of the year. You can start here:

Remember to Check for Discounts and Online Offers, too

Some local businesses are offering special discounts. And many Lancaster businesses offer Online Shopping Opportunities you can enjoy anytime.

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COVID-19 Precautions

These businesses are taking extra precautions to help keep you safe! Please remember to use safe practices yourselves. These guidelines are for your own safety and well-being.

Some businesses may ask you to:

  • Practice social distancing.
  • Wear a mask indoors or when you are around other people.
  • Wash your hands frequently, and use hand sanitizer.

Please understand that businesses are required to follow specific guidelines passed down from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in order to remain open. Please cooperate with these requirements.

So, Come Enjoy a Little Relief from Being Locked up at Home

The Fun Awaits You in Lancaster County!