Lancaster PA Flea Markets

Lancaster County is home to many flea markets for your shopping pleasure!

Need to do some shopping on a budget? Looking to refurnish or decorate your space? Or just want to get out and have a unique experience finding interesting treasures? Well, then a flea market is your answer!

What is a flea market?

Flea MarketA market run by fleas?  A market that sells fleas?  Well, a flea market is neither of those.
While the history of flea markets is a bit unknown, there is a general agreement that the name comes from the French phrase for an outdoor bazaar. A traditional flea market was essentially a pop-up sale in an open-air location, often on the side of roads, and directly impacted by the weather. More modern versions of flea markets have established brick-and-mortar locations to accommodate the supply and demand of the local communities.

Flea markets were, and continue to be, an ideal shopping venue for one-of-a-kind experiences surrounding buying and selling secondhand goods. Each new visit to a flea market offers potential shoppers great deals, memorable items, and special and affordable finds. It is common to find antiques, collectibles, memorabilia, and household items at modern flea markets.

Flea Markets vs. similar sales 

Flea MarketFlea markets share similarities with other secondhand sales. On a small scale, we commonly see yard sales and garage sales pop up around Lancaster County on a weekly basis during months of nice weather. More permanent locations that specialize in higher-quality secondhand products may also be called antique markets or vintage markets. Sales that feature more of a barter-and-trade approach are sometimes called swap meets. Consignment and thrift shops are also similar to flea markets, though they often sell donated goods.

Root’s Old Mill Flea Market

Root’s Old Mill Flea Market

Located across the street from Root's Country Market and Auction, Root's Old Mill Flea Market contains two buildings with indoor spaces, multiple food sheds, and over 175 outdoor vendor spaces.  Vendors carry a variety of items from antiques and collectibles to handmade artisan works."  Open Tuesdays year-round!  Open Saturdays, April through November

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Learn more about our local road side stands and farm markets located throughout Lancaster County.


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FAQs About Farmers Markets in Lancaster, PA

Do the farmers markets have Amish vendors?

Yes, most (if not all) of them do.

Are there roadside stands and other farm markets in Lancaster?

Yes! Throughout Lancaster County, you’ll find a variety of roadside stands and farm markets, where individual farmers will sell fresh produce from their own farms. These are sprinkled throughout Lancaster and you’ll see them as you drive through farmland.

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