Amish Quilts and Quilt Shops in Lancaster County (2024 List)

An Image Representing Amish Quilts And Quilt Shops In Lancaster County (2024 List) In Lancaster County, Pa
An Image Representing Amish Quilts And Quilt Shops In Lancaster County (2024 List) In Lancaster County, Pa
An Image Representing Amish Quilts And Quilt Shops In Lancaster County (2024 List) In Lancaster County, Pa
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Due to COVID-19, not all Lancaster County Attractions have been able to re-open yet.  Many have now opened with safety measures in place for their customers. See this list of Businesses Now Open.


America’s Quilt Capital is Lancaster County, PA

Amish women in Pennsylvania Dutch Country have been creating exquisite handmade quilts since the mid-1800s (and perhaps earlier). Partially born out of frugality, Amish-made quilts serve a practical purpose as a blanket. Quilting also serves as an entertaining social gathering for Amish women and girls in Lancaster County.

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Groups of Amish and Mennonite women traditionally gather for a “quilting bee”. What’s a quilting bee? In addition to being a productive time dedicated to quilting, it’s a time to talk with one another.

More recently, what was once a social gathering has turned into a business enterprise for many “plain” (Amish and Mennonite) women. Cottage industries of quilt-makers are springing up throughout Amish Country in Pennsylvania. Many Amish and Mennonite women have opened up small quilt shops in their homes to subsidize the family’s income. While traveling throughout Lancaster, PA, it’s common to see a handmade sign stating simply: “Quilts Sold Here,” which is often accompanied by “No Sunday Sales.”

Where can you buy an authentic Amish-made quilt in Lancaster? There are lots of places to buy authentic handmade Amish quilts in Lancaster County. Scroll down to see some of our favorite quilt shops in Lancaster, PA! Some of these places have handmade quilts for sale online.

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Many quilting events take place in the Lancaster County, PA area each year. There are classes and seminars on quilt-making, the history of quilts, and events at which quilting products and supplies are displayed and sold. In addition, homemade quilts are a popular item at the infamous “Mud Sales” that take place throughout Lancaster County, PA in late winter and early spring. You’ll find handmade quilts below.

Traditional Amish quilts/blankets come in all different shapes, patterns, and sizes. Some are bed quilts (king size, queen size, etc), others are antique quilts that people hang on their walls (“wall-hanging quilts“). Each patchwork quilt is unique because they’re made by hand.

How much do Amish quilts cost? It varies, but they typically cost anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

For quilt-making supplies, see our Fabric Shops & Quilting Supplies page. We also have dedicated sections about Amish-made products and crafts, Amish furniture stores, Amish online stores, online furniture stores, and facts about the Amish.

Handmade Amish Quilts For Sale - Quilt Shops in Lancaster, PA

Lancaster Quilt Show – 32nd Annual Show

Lancaster Quilt Show – 32nd Annual Show

Join us April 10-13, 2024 for the 32nd annual Lancaster Quilt Show- in our new location at the Lebanon Valley Expo Center in Lebanon, PA. Featuring 58 vendors, over 150 quilts, 38 classes and lectures. Sign up for our free raffle basket of over $2500 in merchandise. Admission and parking are FREE!

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