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About LancasterPA.com

As a Christian-run business, our supreme desire is to serve all our customers in a way that helps them achieve their goals while at the same time serving, honoring, and giving glory to Jesus Christ.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to help introduce visitors and residents to the attractions, culture, services, and values that make Lancaster County, Pennsylvania so special.

Vision Statement

We will strive to be the most helpful online resource of information for those seeking to learn more about Lancaster County, PA and the Amish Country.

Purpose Statement

LancasterPA.com exists:

  • to promote Lancaster County, Pennsylvania and the Amish Country – its unique heritage and culture, its diverse attractions and events, its peaceful countryside and beauty, and the variety of services available to visitors.
  • to provide visitor information to individuals, couples, families, and groups to help them discover the variety of things to see and do and enjoy throughout Lancaster County, and to better enjoy their visit when they come here.
  • to provide local information for local residents to better understand the local culture and the wide variety of things to see and do here in their own ‘back yard’, as well as the wide variety of businesses, organizations, and services available to meet their needs.
  • to help provide effective exposure for the many businesses and organizations we represent and serve in this website – attractions, restaurants, shops, lodging, local services, and others.
  • and to do all the above in a manner that pleases the Lord Jesus Christ.

Core Values

Biblical Values
We value God’s Word, the Bible, as His written word to men and women. Therefore, we will strive to obey and uphold His Word in all that we say and do. We will not promote or support any activity or moral viewpoint that is contrary to biblical values.

God owns everything, including this website. Therefore, we have been entrusted with a responsibility to use our individual and collective talents and abilities to serve Him. We will diligently strive to serve to the best of our ability both our online customers and local businesses, organizations, and ministries.

We will strive to the best of our ability to be honest and upright in all that we do while presenting truthful, honest information without exaggeration or misrepresentation.

Community Service
We will serve and give back to our local community. When you let us help you, you are also helping our local community. Every year we contribute thousands of dollars and free services to help promote local ministries and organizations.

We will charge reasonable rates for the services we provide.




LancasterPA.com is Lancaster County online, presenting the history, culture, and resources that make our area unique. Through this website, we attempt to tell the story of Lancaster and the Pennsylvania Dutch Country.

Lancaster County is a unique and fascinating county. It has a thriving economy, a reputation for hard work and for quality products, and a diversity of things to do for all ages. Plus, we have our Amish neighbors and their own unique story. LancasterPA.com attempts to capture and share that unique character and personality online. We’ve been doing this online since 1995.

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For visitors, we’ll help introduce you to the Lancaster County culture and the towns and businesses here. We’ll also answer your questions, such as:

For visitors and locals alike we’ll help you find things to do here as well as where to eat or where to shop. Our events calendar will let you know what’s going on. And our Lancaster PA coupons will help you save money in the process.

We’ll also help local residents find information, businesses, and services to meet their particular needs.

Helping to Promote Local Business

We also help businesses tell their story to the millions of visitors we reach online. We’ll help drive more customers to your door and to your website. We offer a number of different ways businesses can promote themselves and their products or services in this website.

We are Community Minded

LancasterPA.com is proud of and supports our local Lancaster County community.

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Our Company

Our company dates back to 1981. Founded by Ian Harrower, Action Video, Inc.  produced corporate and industrial video productions for local businesses. We also provided the video services for several national equestrian events, including the Pennsylvania National Horse Show and the Washington International Horse Show.

Promoting Lancaster County Tourism

From 1983 – 2009 we produced “Video Tour: The Dutch Country”, a television program that played in numerous Lancaster County hotel guestrooms to promote things to see and do for area visitors.

In 1995, we took our promotional experience and knowledge of Lancaster County to the internet. We developed the Pennsylvania Dutch Country Welcome Center website. For four years this website served as the official website for the Pennsylvania Dutch Convention and Visitors Bureau. We are still actively promoting Lancaster County and the Amish Country as LancasterPA.com, where you are now.

We want this site to be a good resource for our visitors and for Lancaster County.

Contact Us

If you have questions about any business or organization listed on this website, please contact them directly.

To order a copy of the Lancaster County Visitors Guide, please call 1-800-PA-DUTCH.

To contact us about this LancasterPA.com website, please call or email:

Action Video, Inc.
450 Haverhill Road
Lancaster, PA 17601

We’ll be happy to help any way we can.

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