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The Towns, Villages, and Communities of Lancaster County –

Explore the many unique towns and villages to be found throughout Lancaster County.  Each of these towns has their own character, from downtown Lancaster to its neighboring villages. You can drive to any point within Lancaster County in about an hour or less. The county is 46 miles wide at its widest point and 43 miles long at its longest point.

Lancaster County, PA Map

Each town and section of the county has its own unique flavor and character.

For information on many of the towns and villages throughout Lancaster and beyond, see below.








Explore the Unique Towns & Villages of Lancaster County:


  1. Paula Harper says:

    Planning vacation and want to know what town is most representative of Lancaster’s Amish community, as we will only have two nights there. Please list campgrounds in the area too.

    • Hi Paula – While the Amish reside throughout eastern and southern Lancaster County, you’ll probably want to start your visit in either Intercourse or Bird-in-Hand, which are only five miles apart along Route 340 east of Lancaster city. From there you can take a local guided tour or an Amish buggy ride to learn more about our Amish neighbors. Tour guides will be able to point you to other communities that might be of interest to you. (Our Amish Attractions page gives other resources you might find helpful.) You’ll find our directory of Lancaster County campgrounds here. Hope you enjoy your visit!

    • Blessedb says:

      Just spent a week in Lancaster. We stayed at Old Mill Stream Campground which is located right next to an Amish farm. The campground is in a perfect location for touring Amish country. Also campground is great. Restaurants, and shopping nearby.

  2. Lancaster County pPA is the best place to live in the whole world. I love it in Lancaster PA. I’m trying so bad to move. Once I find a good job I can move.

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