Lancaster County Towns and Villages

The Towns, Villages, and Communities of Lancaster County

Lancaster County, Pa MapExplore the many unique towns and villages to be found throughout Lancaster County. These towns have their own character, from downtown Lancaster to its neighboring villages. You can drive to any point within Lancaster County in about an hour or less. The county is 46 miles wide at its widest point and 43 miles long at its longest point.

Each town and section of the county has its own unique flavor and character. See our list of things to do in the small towns of Lancaster County, PA.



Explore the Unique Towns & Villages of Lancaster County:

Kitchen Kettle Village - Intercourse, Pa

Intercourse, PA

Intercourse, PA

The Village of Intercourse, PA is in eastern Lancaster County along Route 340, just east of Bird-in-Hand and north of Paradise.

Intercourse is a charming village of unique shops with Amish-crafted goods, delicious baked goods, souvenirs, and much more… all surrounded by Amish farms. It’s a center of Amish business activity and is the heart of Amish Country. There’s a variety of lodging options and you can’t go wrong with the (plentiful) PA Dutch food! From homemade jams to pretzels, your taste buds won’t be able to keep up! Visit Intercourse, PA »


Bird-In-Hand, Pa

Bird-in-Hand, PA

Bird-in-Hand, PA

Bird-in-Hand is along Route 340 between Lancaster City and Intercourse, PA, and just north of Ronks and Strasburg.

This small crossroads town surrounded by Amish farmlands features numerous unique attractions and delicious restaurants. Here you’ll find Lancaster County’s only annual hot air balloon festival, a farmer’s market, various places to take a buggy ride, Amish farmland tour guides, and even a broadway-style theatre. From delicious smorgasbords to family-style dining, you’ll taste lots of traditional Amish-style food. There’s also various lodging options for groups of all sizes, as well as romantic bed & breakfasts. Visit Bird-in-Hand, PA »


Lititz, Pa

Lititz, PA

Lititz, PA

Lititz is located along Route 501, north of Lancaster City.

This quaint town in the northern portion of Amish Country is known for chocolate, pretzels, and a vibrant cast of shops, restaurants, and community spirit that helped it win the title “Coolest Small Town in America (2013)”. A picturesque and walkable town, it’s home to the first pretzel bakery in America, the oldest continuous Fourth of July celebration in the country, the largest limestone spring in PA, and a popular “Fire & Ice Festival”. If you’re looking for small-town Americana at its finest, this is it. Visit Lititz, PA »


Strasburg, Pa

Strasburg, PA

Strasburg, PA

Strasburg is located along routes 741 and 896, southeast of Lancaster.

Strasburg is known for its numerous railroad attractions, world-famous broadway-style theatre (Sight & Sound), unique shops, and 18th century homes. There’s an abundance of train-related activities. Ride the oldest continuously-operating railroad in the western hemisphere. Visit PA’s railroad museum. Discover a large toy train display. Explore multiple toy train stores and more! Strasburg has more than just trains. From here, you can take in a guided tour of the Amish countryside on a motorized scooter, eat ice cream from a delicious creamery, and so much more! Visit Strasburg, PA »


Lancaster City In Pennsylvania

Lancaster City (a.k.a. “Downtown Lancaster”)

Lancaster City

Downtown Lancaster is in the middle of Lancaster County and is easily accessible from several exits along the Route 30 bypass.

Fun Fact: Lancaster was officially the Capital of the United States for one day! Today, it boasts a strong economy and a thriving cultural scene (including live theatres, art galleries, and international cuisine), while retaining its historical feel. Lancaster city is home to the oldest, continuously running public farmers’ market in the USA, and what’s considered to be the country’s oldest, continuously-running theatre. You’ll find plenty of things to do downtown, including a VR lounge, science museum, artwalk, jewelers, comic stores, cafes and coffee shops, small family-owned stores, and much more. Visit Lancaster City »


Paradise, Pa

Paradise, PA

Paradise, PA

Paradise is located along U.S. Route 30, east of Lancaster city and Ronks, west of Kinzers and Gap, northeast of Strasburg, and south of the Intercourse/Bird-in-Hand area.

This small town in Amish Country includes much of what Lancaster County is known for – a covered bridge, an old mill, peaceful Amish farmlands, and delicious PA Dutch food. You’ll find quilt stores, Amish furniture stores (including outdoor furniture and gazebos), woodshops, farms you can tour, bakeries, souvenir shops, and even a doll outlet. Visit Paradise, PA »


Ephrata, Pa

Ephrata, PA

Ephrata, PA

Ephrata is in northeastern Lancaster County near the intersection of Routes 322 and 272. It’s easy to access from the PA Turnpike (Interstate 76).

The famous Ephrata Cloister was founded in 1732 by German settlers. Today, Ephrata is a thriving town that retains a small-town community feel. Many Old Order Mennonites reside in the area surrounding Ephrata. Visit Ephrata, PA »


Adamstown, Pa

Adamstown, PA

Adamstown, PA

Adamstown is in northeastern Lancaster County along Route 272, just north of the Pennsylvania Turnpike (I-76), and south of Reading.

Welcome to the Antiques Capital of the United States. Adamstown has earned a national reputation for its numerous antique markets and stores. In this area, you’ll also find ziplines and outdoor obstacle courses, art galleries, and more. Visit Adamstown, PA »


Manheim, Pa

Manheim, PA

Manheim, PA

Manheim is along Route 72, northwest of Lancaster City, west of Lititz and Ephrata, northeast of Mount Joy, east of Elizabethtown, southeast of Harrisburg, and south of Lebanon, PA. It’s close to the Lebanon-Lancaster exit of the PA Turnpike (Exit 266 of Interstate 76).

Manheim is home to the Manheim Auto Auction, the largest-volume auto auction in the world. From farm tours to mini-golf and horseback rides, and a renaissance faire,  Visit Manheim, PA »


Mount Joy, Pa

Mount Joy, PA

Mount Joy, PA

Mount Joy is west of Lancaster, just south of Route 283, next to Elizabethtown, and not far from Harrisburg.

With roots back to the 1700’s, much of the residential architecture in downtown Mount Joy dates back to the early 1900’s. Here you’ll find an abundance of guest homes, inns, and bed & breakfasts. You’ll also find shed builders, small shops, and a hardware store that’s been open since 1927. Visit Mt Joy, PA »



Popular Regions of Lancaster County

Route 30 East In Lancaster, Pa | Lincoln Highway East

Route 30 East (Lincoln Highway East)

Route 30 East (“Lincoln Highway East”) runs from Lancaster city toward Philadelphia.

Route 30 East is a part of the national Lincoln Highway. Along this route you’ll find many of the top entertainment, attractions, restaurants, and hotels in Lancaster County. You’ll also find small towns and Amish countryside. Visit Route 30 East »


Eastern Lancaster County, Pa

Eastern Lancaster County

Eastern Lancaster County encompasses the many smaller towns and villages between Lancaster and Chester County to the east.

Much of the area’s Amish and Mennonite communities reside here, surrounding many of the small towns and communities that make this area so unique. Visit Eastern Lancaster County »


Southern Lancaster County, Pa

Southern Lancaster County

Southern Lancaster County extends south of Lancaster city to the Maryland border.

The oldest surviving structure in Lancaster County is located south of town, along with picturesque rolling hills, Amish and ‘English’ farmlands, and many unique attractions (everything from soap making classes, to potato chip factory tours, to gun ranges). Visit Southern Lancaster County »


Columbia, Pa | Wrightsville, Pa | Marietta, Pa

River Towns of Columbia, Wrightsville, and Marietta, PA

River Towns covers the region of western Lancaster County bordering (or near) the Susquehanna River.

Here you’ll find Columbia (which once vied to be the capital of the US), Marietta, Wrightsville, and Maytown, among others. From hiking trails with picturesque views of the Susquehanna River, to small shops, the National Watch & Clock Museum, and the Turkey Hill Experience, there’s lots to do and see. Visit the River Towns »


Suburban Lancaster, Pa

Suburban Lancaster County, PA

Suburban Lancaster is comprised of the suburban areas surrounding the city of Lancaster.

Lancaster’s suburbs comprise almost all you’ll find in the suburbs of most cities – trendy shops, quality restaurants, fun attractions, top-notch entertainment, and second-to-none accommodations. There’s fun things for kids and grownups to enjoy here. Visit Suburban Lancaster »

Explore the Unique Towns & Villages of Lancaster County: