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Refreshing Mountain Retreat & Adventure Center

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“I recently worked with Action Video to list Refreshing Mountain Retreat and Adventure Center
on and had a very good experience. Their website has a lot of traffic and they
offer a lot of different listing and advertising options. They were very helpful and had our
listing up within days. We saw immediate traffic to our site and continue to see a lot of
referral traffic from our listings.”  –  Carl Lefever, Refreshing Mountain

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Advertise your business or organization in and receive the exposure you want for the audience you want to reach.

In the 12 months this website has had 1.7 million visits and 4 million page views (Sept. 2017).

When we include a business in this website, we include their listings on additional pages that are relevant for them at no additional cost. We want to create the best exposure and make the biggest impact we can for you.

We Offer a Number of Ways to Promote Your Business

Browse through our menu of options below. We offer a number of ways to help promote your business. We’ll work with you to find the option(s) we think will create the best exposure for you.

The businesses that capture the biggest audiences on this website use multiple ads on different pages to reach out to their potential customers. These multiple exposures produce the results they are looking for.

Home Page Ads

Turkey Hill Experience

Turkey Hill Experience – Ice Cream Fun for All Ages

Our Home Page is usually the most popular page on our website and is often the first page our site visitors see. Your ad on our home page could grab visitors’ attention before they even see your competitors. These Home Page Ads rotate every couple of days so a different ad appears at the top.

As a bonus, slightly smaller versions of the top two Home Page Ads appear in the sidebar of most of the pages throughout this website. (You can see two ads in the right column of this page.) These ads provide ongoing exposure for you as our site visitors move around the website.

Featured Image Ads

The large photos for Refreshing Mountain and Intercourse Canning Company at the very top of this page are Featured Image Ads. These images can appear at the top of most pages on our website and can give you a good first impression before the visitor sees anything else on the page.

Your photo could appear at the top of any page in this website that relates to your business. This image includes a link to a free business web page we’ll create for your business on our website.

We restrict the number of Featured Image Ads that rotate at the top of each page.

Large and Small Photo Ads

On our directory pages, such as the Things To Do Directory or the Furniture page, businesses can choose between two different types of Photo Ads.

The Large Photo Ads are vertical and appear immediately below the welcome information at the top of the page. They include an image along with your name and address and a 50-word description. These ads appear three across and rotate on a 30-day cycle so every ad will have top exposure.

The Small Photo Ads appear below any Large Photo Ads on a page. These horizontal ads have a slightly smaller image along with a 50-word description. These ads also rotate on a 30-day cycle within their section on the page.

Here are samples of our Large and Small Photo Ads:

Village Quilts

Kitchen Kettle Village, 3529 Old Philadelphia Pike (Route 340), Intercourse, PA 17534, 717-768-2787

Only one of a kind quilts from the hands of individual quiltmakers. Study the character of each stitch. Find your unique masterpiece to be cherished for generations. Find an exceptional selection of traditional and contemporary quilts, wall hangings, textile art, and much more. Monday - Saturday 9-6 (Nov. - April 9-5). Village Quilts website anytime.

Day Out With Thomas at Strasburg Rail Road

301 Gap Road (Route 741 East), Ronks (Strasburg), PA 17572, 866-725-9666

Take a 25-minute ride with Thomas the Tank Engine™, rolling into Strasburg three times annually. Ride aboard the larger-than-life coal-burning steam train, enjoying activities for the entire family: storytelling, videos, imagination stations, photo opportunities, and many of the Railroad's beloved Fun Extras. Visit for tickets. Advance purchase is recommended.

Listings Only

We will list your business on every page throughout our site that is relevant to your business. On pages where you don't have an ad, we'll include a Listing Only, which is your name, address, phone number, link, and a 10-word description of your business. These Listings appear below the Small Photo Ads on each page. Here is a sample:


Strasburg Rail Road

301 Gap Road (Route 741 East)
Ronks (Strasburg), PA 17572
45-minute ride to Paradise, PA aboard America's
oldest short-line railroad.  Visit website


Links to Your Business Website

With each ad or listing of your business we can include a link to your website.

Link rates are based upon activity - the more click-throughs to your business, the higher the cost proportionately. They start at $40/year and average roughly 4¢ per click.  (2,000 click-throughs would run $80/year, 3,000 clicks = $120, etc.)


Other Ways to Promote Your Business:

  • Event Listings - Take advantage of our popular Calendar of Events to promote your special events or sales. These listings are free, and our customers receive a link to their website with each event listing. (You can submit your events here.)
  • Coupons - If you offer a coupon for your business, every Photo Ad or Listing Only for your business will include a link to your coupon (see the 'Coupon' button in the Miller's Smorgasbord ad above). Your coupon will also be listed on our main Coupons Page.

All that we do for you is designed to help you get exposure in front of the audience you want to reach.


Please Contact Us

We'll be happy to answer your questions and kick around ideas to help promote your business or organization.  You can use our advertising contact form or just give us a call. Our sincere desire is to make this website an effective promotional tool for every business that joins with us.


Please call Austin at 717-330-1850 or Gordy at 717-205-2349.


Advertising Policies

We reserve the right to refuse to include in this website any business or organization or event or message that we feel is inappropriate for the audience we are trying to reach.

Please avoid using superlatives such as "the best" or "the most popular" in describing your business unless you also include substantiation of your claim within your ad.

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