Amish Furniture Stores in Lancaster County, PA (2024 Edition)

An Image Representing Amish Furniture Stores In Lancaster County, Pa (2024 Edition) In Lancaster County, Pa
An Image Representing Amish Furniture Stores In Lancaster County, Pa (2024 Edition) In Lancaster County, Pa
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Quality Amish-Made Furniture – Handcrafted in Pennsylvania

The Amish (PA Dutch) have a reputation for hard work and quality craftsmanship, so it’s no surprise that Amish furniture makers build custom heirloom-quality furniture in Lancaster, PA.

Handcrafted Amish furniture is often made in a shop at home or on an Amish farm, and can typically be customized to your exact specifications.

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Amish-Crafted Solid Wood Furniture

Amish Stuff Etc. Amish Outdoor Furniture - Lancaster, Pa

You’ll find lots of furniture made in Amish Country.

Amish-made oak furniture and pine furniture are popular items, but other kinds of wood (such as cherry and hickory) are used as well.

You’ll discover that they make a variety of handmade furniture for living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, kitchens, as well as outdoor furniture.

Types of Amish Furniture

You’ll find that the Amish make everything from dining room table and chair sets, to hutches, rocking chairs, benches, kitchen tables and islands, desks, jewelry armoires, cabinets, bookcases, pie safes, shelves, cribs, beds, sewing cabinets, and more. Some of them also sell Amish-built unfinished furniture.

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Amish Furniture Styles

Cabinfield Amish Made Furniture

The Amish do more than farming. They also make handmade furniture that’s built to last.

Amish furniture makers will craft your authentic furniture to whatever style you’d like; the following are popular styles of furniture that the Amish make:

  • Quaker furniture
  • Shaker furniture
  • Mission furniture
  • Country furniture

Types of Amish Furniture Stores

Some stores claiming to sell Amish-built furniture actually are Amish-owned. Others are not Amish-owned stores, but sell furniture that’s genuinely made by the Amish. You’ll find everything from:

  • Custom Amish Furniture
  • Amish Furniture Outlets
  • High-Quality Fine Furniture
  • Discount Amish Furniture Stores
  • Amish Furniture Manufacturers

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Below, you’ll find a list of Amish furniture stores that sell Amish furniture online or locally (most of which can be customized). People travel from New Jersey, New York, Maryland, and Delaware just to buy Amish furniture from PA Dutch Country. We also have separate lists of furniture stores in Lancaster (not Amish-specific), discount furniture storesLancaster furniture manufacturers (including wholesale furniture), online furniture stores, gazebos, sheds, and other structures, as well as Amish-made productsAmish quilts, and even online Amish Country stores.

Our Favorite Amish Furniture Stores in Lancaster, PA and Nearby...

FAQs About Amish Furniture Stores

Where can you buy Amish furniture?

You will find Amish furniture stores all along the East coast, but the best Amish furniture is made and sold in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

Is Amish furniture worth the price?

Amish-made furniture will outlast factory-made furniture by many decades. And when the attention to detail and design is considered, Amish furniture is clearly worth the price.

Who owns Amish furniture stores?

Amish furniture makers are very conscientious about who is allowed to sell their products. Amish furniture stores are often owned and run by members of the Amish community or shop owners with a deep commitment to the Amish.

What makes Amish furniture different?

Amish furniture makers focus on perfecting the smallest details of each piece of furniture. The look and finish of the wood surpass almost any type of furniture. And the furniture is designed to be passed down from generation to generation, so every piece of furniture meets the highest quality standards.

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