Amish Businesses in Lancaster County, PA

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Over the years more and more Amish have transitioned away from agriculture and have taken non-farming vocations. There are hundreds of Amish-owned businesses throughout Lancaster County, PA. Many of these are furniture companies, manufacturers, craftspeople, wholesalers, and builders.

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Lancaster County has a variety of places to find Amish-made furniture, handmade quiltsgifts, crafts, and other Amish-made products. You can learn about the PA Dutch culture by visiting an Amish attraction (including Amish buggy rides and Amish Country tours).


  • Closed Sundays: Don’t expect any of these Amish businesses to be open on Sundays or on Christian holidays. You’ll often see signs stating “No Sunday Sales” as you visit these local businesses.
  • Some of these businesses do not have telephones or websites of their own.
  • Learn more about the Amish here.

And don’t forget that you can also shop online for Amish Country merchandise (including Amish Quilts, Amish Furniture, and other  Amish-made products).

Below are some of those Amish businesses which might be of interest to the general public. Note that not all listings below are in Lancaster County, PA.

List of Amish Businesses

Smucker’s Quilts

117 N. Groffdale Road, New Holland, PA 17557, 717-656-8730

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Rachel Smucker invites you to see the beautiful display of quilts in her new quilt shop on her Amish farm. See over 100 quality, colorful quilts hand crafted by local Amish and Mennonite women. Quilts, wall hangings, pillows, dolls and more are available at competitive prices. Buses welcome. Closed Sundays.    Visit Web Page

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Glick Woodworks, LLC

1188 Garfield Road,   Mount Joy, PA 17522,   717-653-6523

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Glick Woodworks builds sheds, garages and modular barns to fulfill your storage needs. These outdoor structures are handmade by our skilled team of Amish craftsmen using long-lasting materials. We offer free delivery in all of York and Lancaster County, PA. Get your quote today!      Visit Website

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Lapp Structures

220 Jalyn Drive, New Holland, PA, 17557, 717-588-2088

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Lapp Structures manufactures quality Amish-built sheds and backyard structures. We custom-build sheds, garages, and other backyard storage structures to fit your specific needs. Our products can be delivered to your location or assembled on-site by our team of skilled professionals.    Visit Our Website!

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Who Did We Miss?


We know this list is far from complete - it is a work in progress. Please comment below and tell us which businesses we missed. And thanks!