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Quality Amish-Made Toys, Games, Doll Furniture, & More

If you’re looking for well made toys and games, check out our selection at We offer shoppers a variety of high-quality, hand-made products manufactured by Amish craftsmen.

Unlike many toys that are mass-produced as cheaply as possible and are really poor quality, these hand-crafted products are made to last.

Amish-Made Wooden Games

Family life is important to Amish communities. Amish families work together and they play together. You can enjoy some quality time with your family while playing some favorite Amish games and puzzles, including croquet, Aggravation, chess, and checkers.

Hand-Crafted Wooden Toys

Young kids will love playing with wooden trains, trucks, cars, airplanes, and farming toys. Browse through our wide selection of wooden toys hand-crafted by Amish craftsmen here in Lancaster County and in Holmes County, Ohio.  These products have non-toxic finishes to protect your children.

Wooden Doll Furniture

You’ll find a selection of Wooden Doll Furniture made by an Amish family business in Lancaster County and designed to last for generations. You’ll be pleased with the quality of the furniture produced at this Amish wood shop.

Children’s Furniture also carries a selection of Amish-crafted children’s furniture, children’s playsets, toy boxes, and much more.

Amish Dolls

We also offer Amish dolls hand-made by an Amish woman from Lancaster.

Amish Scooters

The Amish in Lancaster County don’t ride bicycles. They ride kick scooters. And you can order your own Amish scooters made right here in Lancaster. They come in three sizes with different colors and add-on features.

Express Wagons & Trikes

Plus, we offer a variety of express wagons and ride-on toys made by Amish or Mennonite craftsmen.

Quality Customer Service, Too

You’ll be pleased with the high quality of all these products.

And our family-owned company offers our customers secure online checkout and fast shipping. Croquet Box - Aggravation Game Wooden Toys Wagon


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Reviews      Rates