Lancaster County & Amish Furniture Manufacturers

Furniture Manufactured in Lancaster is Strong & Durable

Lancaster, PA furniture manufacturers have built a reputation for quality – working with quality materials, using quality workmanship, and providing quality customer service throughout the furniture-making process. We’ve heard countless stories of people up and down the East Coast who have purchased furniture in Lancaster in the past, and then returned to the same furniture manufacturer again and again because they were so pleased with the furniture quality and prices.

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Some of these places are Amish furniture makers, while others simply make quality furniture that’s built to last!

These aren’t giant furniture factories who turn out mass furniture in volume. These Lancaster County furniture makers are smaller operations who give careful attention to detail and their workmanship. They take pride in the quality of their hand-crafted furniture. Many build spec pieces for sale at their local furniture stores and also manufacture custom furniture made for a specific customer.

And the furniture can be delivered right to your door!

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You’ll be pleased with the quality of furniture made in Lancaster County and the surrounding area!

Furniture Manufacturers (including Amish Furniture Manufacturers)

George’s Furniture – Our Furniture Lasts a Lifetime

George’s Furniture – Our Furniture Lasts a Lifetime

At George's, experience master craftsmen creating furniture by hand. Built exclusively for you, with ultimate expertise and design. Choose your wood, finish color, hardware, and style - traditional, country, contemporary, arts & crafts. Explore our galleries for amazing designs. After touring the workshop, you will never look at furniture the same.

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FAQs About Amish Furniture

Where is the best place to buy Amish furniture?

Amish furniture stores are in a handful of towns around the country, but the best Amish furniture is made and sold in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

Why is Amish furniture so expensive?

Amish craftsmen build their furniture with unmatched attention to detail and quality. Creating furniture of this caliber is time-consuming and labor-intensive, and that leads to a higher cost. But when you purchase a piece of Amish furniture, you are buying it for life.

Is Amish furniture good quality?

Yes. Amish furniture is recognized as some of the highest quality furniture available. Amish furniture is handmade and finished by craftsmen with decades of experience.

How do the Amish finish furniture?

A distinguishing characteristic of Amish furniture is the finish. Each piece of Amish furniture is sanded and finished by hand. Many Amish furniture makers try to use natural finish products, and they always use the highest quality finishes.

How long does Amish furniture last?

A piece of Amish furniture is an heirloom. It’s not uncommon for a piece of furniture to last several generations. The classic, simple style of Amish furniture ensures that it will never look out of place regardless of the latest design trends.