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History of Route 30 in Lancaster, PA

In the late 1700’s and early 1800’s, Conestoga wagons carried freight along the nation’s turnpikes and hauled goods out to the frontier. These Conestoga wagons were built here in the Conestoga Valley of Pennsylvania.

Dutch Wonderland, as seen from Route 30 in Lancaster, PA

Dutch Wonderland, as seen from Route 30 in Lancaster, PA

In 1792 the demand for a new and better roadway from Philadelphia to Lancaster resulted in the formation of the Philadelphia-Lancaster Turnpike Company. Thirteen toll gates were found along this turnpike. Typically a two horse carriage or a Conestoga wagon was charged a quarter for ten miles. 19th century travelers on this roadway found themselves coping with large fleets of six horse Conestoga wagons, herds of cattle and sheep, and flocks of turkeys being driven to market.

This was the first road in North America made of crushed stone. Today, you can drive from Philadelphia to Lancaster in a little over an hour. But back then, a stagecoach leaving Philadelphia at 5:00 in the morning wouldn’t arrive in Lancaster until 11:00 that night!

Tanger Outlets in Lancaster, PA as seen from Route 30 East

Tanger Outlets in Lancaster, as seen from Route 30 East

This roadway is now part of U.S. Route 30, and is also known as the Lincoln Highway East. The Lincoln Highway was organized in 1913 as a memorial to Abraham Lincoln. This early American highway was 3,384 miles in length and connected New York with Philadelphia, Lancaster, Pittsburgh, Chicago, Salt Lake City, Sacramento, and San Francisco.

Today’s Route 30 East

Today, Route 30 East in Lancaster County has plenty of things to do, delicious food to eat, and plenty of shopping to enjoy. For example, both Tanger Outlets and the Shops @ Rockvale are both on the Lincoln Highway.

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Points of Interest Along Route 30 in Lancaster County, PA

Route 30 Attractions  ·   Restaurants  ·  Shopping  ·  Lodging