Lancaster PA Family Style Dining

What is Family Style Dining?

When Amish families and friends gather for meals they often sit together at long tables and eat together. Here in Lancaster County, we call this ‘Family Style’ dining.

The Pennsylvania Dutch Country has a reputation for good food. When you sit down to a Family Style meal, you can expect to receive plenty of that good Pennsylvania Dutch cooking.

Unlike Smorgasbord restaurants where you have to get up and help yourself, here families and groups of all sizes are seated at tables and the serving staff brings the food to you. You’ll receive serving bowls and platters heaping with delicious foods such as crispy fried chicken, roast beef, baked ham, real mashed potatoes, homemade egg noodles, and fresh vegetables. There’s always plenty of food to go around.

But be sure to save room for dessert, because there are homemade pies, fresh shoo-fly pie, ice cream, and more just waiting for you.

The food just keeps coming until you say “Whoa!”.

So, enjoy a long-standing Lancaster tradition in Pennsylvania Dutch dining. It’s one of those Lancaster County experiences you have got to try at least once.

Plain & Fancy Restaurant

Plain & Fancy Restaurant

Serving delicious family style Pennsylvania Dutch meals for group of 20 or more at Plain & Fancy Farm. Plain & Fancy is home to Lancaster County’s Amish Farm Feast, a family style offering that includes golden fried chicken, mashed potatoes, freshly baked desserts, and much more. Advanced reservations required.

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