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The Story of Pennsylvania’s Amish Communities

Lancaster County, Pennsylvania hosts the oldest Amish community in North America. What emerges is a mosaic of Amish life and practice quite different from the common Amish stereotype.

Finacial pressures have forced the majority of the Amish to forsake farming for more lucrative business enterprises. Business owners tend to adopt technology more rapidly than farmers, leading to a mini-industrial revolution. With more adults working in industries, family dynamics are beginning to change. Buller’s camera captures the changes sweeping across the Amish landscape.

His interviews with authors Donald B Kraybill and Steven M Nolt provide uncommon insight into the Amish mindset. Experience Amish farm life, family life, business enterprises, childhood, school, worship, horse cultures, business practices. Extensive footage from an Amish barn raising. Includes Amish response to the Nickel Mines tragedy.

Copyright 2007. Approx. 45 min.

Amish Videos And Books Image For Lancasterpa.comAmish Videos And Books Image For Lancasterpa.comThe Amish: A People of PreservationAmish Videos And Books Image For

Lancaster County, Pennsylvania — The Oldest Amish community in America. An updated look at Amish origins, farm-life, childhood, school, worship, recreation, courtship, barn-raising, horse-transportation, tourism, land pressures, and new cottage industries.

From the back cover of this video: “The Amish, in the year 2000, keep surprising their technology-programmed neighbors by keeping alive ways and beliefs that many modern Americans wish they could recapture. In this colorful, updated documentary, Mennonite historian John Ruth takes us sympathetically into the Amish mindset. Dr. John A. Hostetler, author of Amish Society, comments on the survival of an alternative to the kind of world we have made. As the Amish increase in numbers, some of them migrate from homesteads in Pennsylvania toward more open farmland. Those staying where the land is too crowded to farm have developed an amazing variety of cottage industries. But all such changes are made very carefully, in order not to sacrifice spiritual covenant and community for the sake of convenience.”

American Film Festival: “…Visuals are strong and supportive of the purity and simplicity of the people it portrays. Full of gentle respect for the lifestyle it reveals. Succeeds in conveying an understanding of the philosophy of the Amish.”

Updated in 2000. Approx. 50 minutes.