Lancaster PA Restaurants Open Thanksgiving Day


Celebrate Thanksgiving Day at a Lancaster Restaurant

Dinner is served! Thanksgiving Dinner, that is. Come enjoy a delicious Thanksgiving Dinner with your family and friends at one of the Lancaster Restaurants that will be serving up holiday fare just for you. Enjoy a full Thanksgiving Feast with all the trimmings, and with a few Lancaster County favorites thrown in as well.

Instead of spending the day preparing all the food and dishes and then having to serve them while they’re hot, you can relax and enjoy quality time with your family and friends and let others wait on you. And for dessert, you can sit back and enjoy the dessert without thinking about all the clean-up and dirty dishes waiting for you in the kitchen!

Call Ahead for Thanksgiving Reservations

You may want to call ahead for Thanksgiving – seating may be limited. Many of these restaurants open Thanksgiving Day do require or recommend advanced reservations.

Lancaster Restaurants Open for Christmas & New Year’s

While you’re at it, you can plan ahead for dinner on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, as well as New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. Or, just consult our full directory of Lancaster Restaurants.

With Christmas just around the corner, we have prepared this list of Christmas holiday special events and activities to help you and your family celebrate Christmas in Lancaster County.

Blessings to You on Thanksgiving!

Water Street Ministries

210 S. Prince Street, Lancaster, PA 17604, 717-393-7709

Water Street’s Thanksgiving Box Drive: help feed families in need this holiday season by supplying the ingredients for a traditional Thanksgiving meal. Visit to learn how you can help feed families in need this holiday season.


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