Winter in Lancaster County, PA

Enjoy the Peaceful Serenity of Lancaster County in Winter

Lancaster County’s farmland receives occasional blankets of snow from mid-December into March. Major routes are usually well maintained and free of ice and snow.

Check out this list of 7 things to do in winter in Lancaster, PA.

Winter temperatures in Lancaster are usually in the high 20’s to low 30’s during the day, although we occasionally get extremes in both directions. But when that white stuff cover the ground, the scenery is often breathtaking.

See the Peaceful Beauty of Lancaster County in Snow:

While the normal warm weather activities are in hibernation, visitors can still enjoy the local culture, good food, and variety of entertainment – and often with less congestions from other travelers.

Amish Buggy In Snow

Strasburg Rail Road Plows Snow Off the Railroad Tracks

The Christmas Season in Lancaster

During the Christmas season, Lancaster County’s special gift of numerous holiday celebrations treats individuals and motorcoach groups to a most memorable Christmas.

Candlelight tours of historic, elegantly appointed mansions offer groups the chance to experience Lancaster’s heritage in a different light. Visitors rejoice in old-fashioned Christmas customs, holiday craft markets, and madrigal feasts and recapture childhood memories of holidays past.

There are a variety of ways to enjoy Christmas in Lancaster County, and the numerous Christmas and holiday events that appeal to all ages and interests

Amish House In Snow With Clothes Hanging On The Porch

Amish house in snow with clothes hanging on the porch

No matter what season of the year you choose to visit, we hope you’ll discover many of the reasons we are pleased to call Lancaster County “home”…and why so many visitors return to this area again and again!