Why You’ll Love to Retire in Lancaster, Pa.

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Ranked by U.S. News & World Report as one of the best places to retire in the U.S., a Lancaster, Pa. retirement starts to look more appealing every day. From cozy homes near wide open countryside to elegant apartments in walkable downtown Lancaster or Lititz, there’s a lot to offer people doing retirement planning in Lancaster, Pa.: rich culture and history, low cost of living, and a variety of retirement communities.

What Does Lancaster Offer?

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While Lancaster is famous for its large Amish and Mennonite communities, there’s so much more to the area than Amish Country. In Lancaster, you’ll find expansive farms set in beautiful landscapes, charming suburban neighborhoods, and a vibrant, bustling city. Thanks to its many farms, agriculture is an integral part of Lancaster, with numerous farmers’ markets for fresh local produce, meats, and cheeses. Other unique elements of Lancaster are its distinct seasons and its great centralized location. Lancaster’s downtown Amtrak station makes it easy to travel to Philadelphia, New York City, or Washington, D.C., for a weekend.

Low Cost of Living

When you’re living off a fixed income, a low cost of living is a significant factor in choosing where you or your family retires. Lancaster is an affordable option compared to other major metro areas. If you’re purchasing a retirement home, Zillow reports the median home price in Lancaster was $296,321 in 2021 compared to the national median home sale price of $316,368. You’ll also find farm-fresh food, access to health care, transportation options, and other living expense are all in line with the national average. You’ll never have to worry when family or guests visit because there are plenty of budget-friendly or free things to do in Lancaster. Lancaster’s restaurant scene and culture rival big cities enough that the New York Post called it the new Brooklyn.

Culture and History

Lancaster boasts a lively arts culture and rich history dating back to the 1700s. In the downtown area, people commonly take advantage of events throughout the city like the arts and music-driven “First Friday.” There are plenty of outdoor activities to keep you busy outside the main towns, like hiking trails or walking paths, corn mazes, and tractor pulls. For history buffs doing retirement planning in Lancaster, you’ll be pleased to discover the city was the nation’s capital for one day during the war of 1812. To get yourself acclimated with the area, we recommend taking a 50cc scooter tour to examine the over 28 historic, covered bridges> and other unique sights. You can explore other historic gems like Historic Rock Ford, a 33-acre estate of Revolutionary War General Edward Hand, an Amish homestead and one-room schoolhouseFulton Theatre, the oldest continuously operating theater in America, Strasburg Rail Road, America’s oldest operating railroad, and more.

Where to Retire in Lancaster?

Once you’re familiar with what Lancaster has to offer, the big question is deciding where to retire in Lancaster during your retirement planning. The area’s retirement communities cover all your options, ranging from independent living or assisted living to skilled nursing care or Alzheimer’s and dementia care. While accommodations and services vary, there are many ways to enjoy life after ending your working career in Lancaster.United Zion Retirement Community combines the best of both worlds: all the perks of being in the center of the vibrant community of Lititz with enhanced privacy. They offer complete retirement living options, ranging from senior living communities like cottages and apartments, personal care services, and skilled nursing care. On the other end of the county, you’ll find Quarryville Presbyterian Retirement Community provides possibilities for those seeking a quiet, independent lifestyle and individualized care for those who need it.

Leave behind the burdens of home maintenance and chores, and explore the potential of some of the best retirement communities in Pennsylvania. A Lancaster, Pa. retirement brings abundant possibilities for your retired years. Prepare to make new friends, enjoy Lancaster’s unique history and culture, benefit from a low cost of living, and find a retirement community built to improve your quality of life.