5+ Of The Best Farm Tours in Lancaster, PA

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While Lancaster is known for many great attractions, the beautiful countryside and activities in the area, the farm tours and authentic Amish farm experiences are high up on that list. Whether you’re local or a tourist passing through the area, Lancaster County boasts lots of farm tours that offer fun activities many visitors have never experienced before and are always sure to teach you something new

If you’re looking for a fun experience and some unique things to do in Lancaster, PA, check out some of our favorite farm tours in the area. 

Authentic Lancaster Farm Tours

These farm tours are perfect for the entire family and provide kid-friendly activities, even for the smallest participants. From garden tours and cooking demos to learning about life on the farm, prepare to have fun and learn something new at these Lancaster farm tours and others. 


Old Windmill Farm 

Old Windmill Farm - Feeding Calves

Feed the cows at Old Windmill Farm!

Old Windmill Farm is a wonderful hands-on Lancaster County experience that brings visitors to a working dairy farm operated by a local Amish family.

During your tour at Old Windmill Farm, you’ll make new friends with the farm residents and participate in many interactive experiences, including:

  • Milking a cow
  • Bottle-feeding baby calves
  • Feeding pot-bellied pigs and watching them perform as they slide down the slide
  • Helping gather eggs
  • Feeding the chickens
  • Feeding the pygmy goats and the miniature bull
  • Holding the miniature hens
  • Meeting the mules
  • Learning about the working windmill

After these activities and more, you and your group can tour the cow barn, learn how cows are milked, and see how their milk gets refrigerated on the farm. You’ll also have the opportunity to walk through the old barn, which dates back to the late 1700s, and learn more about its history from your guides.  


Amish Experience Tours

Amish Experience Farmlands Tours

Amish Experience Farmlands Tours

Tour the beautiful Amish farmland, explore the Heritage Site Amish House and School, and see the multimedia theater at Amish Experience Tours.

The Amish Experience offers three ways to learn about the Amish lifestyle and culture:

  1. Jacob’s Choice is presented in the multimedia Amish Experience Theater and introduces the history and origins of the Amish through a contemporary “Rumspringa” story.
  2. Amish Country Homestead’s heritage site offers a glimpse into how Amish farms and schools operate and why the Amish people live life as they do.
  3. For more than 60 years, guided tours of the Amish farmland have traveled with visitors back into the rural roads of the Amish countryside for an informative bus tour and informational session.

On the Amish Farmlands Tour, the tour guides will point out fascinating sights along the way and notable landmarks as they tell you about the lifestyle of many Lancaster Amish neighbors. You and your group will learn about Amish life, work ethic, and how Amish families and communities operate.


Amish Farm and House

Amish Farm &Amp; House Tour - Lancaster, Pa

House tour at Amish Farm and House

Since 1955, The Amish Farm and House has given visitors from near and far the opportunity to learn about Amish culture at their first educational farm museum. Here, the guides help you understand what the Amish believe and why they live the way they do. After your tour at the museum, you will gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for the Amish lifestyle and their unique culture.

Beyond the museum, you can see other aspects of the Amish property on the 15-acre farm that includes a lime kiln, a bake oven, a summer kitchen, a smokehouse, a milk house, a chicken house, an herb garden, a windmill, and waterwheels, and a milking cow for the kids.


The Amish Village

Amish Village

Ramble the grounds of The Amish Village

Another great place to get a first-hand look at Amish culture, the Amish Village offers an authentic Amish farmhouse experience where a guided tour shares the customs and traditions of the Amish community. The 12-acre village grounds include:

  • A blacksmith shop.
  • A one-room Amish schoolhouse.
  • An Amish market with crafts and goodies.

If you’re looking to see more of the Amish culture off the farm, you can also join Amish Village for a 90-minute guided bus tour of the back roads of Pennsylvania Amish Country. Your knowledgeable guide explains Amish history, culture, and how the Amish community adapts to modern society throughout Lancaster county.


Verdant View Farm

Farmland Fun At Verdant View Farm

Feeding barnyard animals at Verdant View Farm

Bring your group or family to explore a 4th generation farm, interact with farm animals, enjoy local hospitality, and taste delicious homegrown foods with Amish culture at their roots at Verdant View Farm.

Enjoy hands-on learning that includes:

  • Milk a cow
  • Feed a calf
  • Venture inside a historic barn
  • Listen to the cluck-cluck of hens while playing fetch with the farm border collie

Guided walking tours are 60-80 minutes and offer a behind-the-scenes glimpse into Lancaster’s rich agricultural heritage and Amish life. Wave to the train engineer as you watch the Strasburg Railroad pass through the scenic farm setting in Strasburg, PA.


Cherry Crest Adventure Farm

Cherry Crest Adventure Farm works hard to give all visitors an opportunity to laugh and learn while engaging in a variety of wholesome activities! Firmly planted in a rich agricultural heritage, Cherry Crest Adventure Farm is committed to cultivating growth that reaps a harvest of excellence for every guest who explores the farm.

From corn mazes and shopping their array of local goodies to pedal carts, giant slingshots, and so much more, Cherry Crest Adventure Farm truly is that – an adventure for everyone. With a variety of activities for all ages, you won’t soon be bored with these activities for your family or group.


The Li’l Country Store & Miniature Horse Farm

Visit The Li’l Country Store to buy all sorts of unique items, perfect for any and all occasions. Here, you can find handmade merchandise created by family and friends in the local area, including wood furniture, Amish crafts, and more. This is the perfect place to stop for your authentic country store shopping needs.

In addition to shopping, you and your guests can groom, feed, saddle ride, and connect with the miniature horses on the farm. For a hands-on experience where you truly interact with our horses, a one-hour, scheduled horse workshop is available for the entire family to enjoy!


Plan Your Farm Tour In Lancaster, PA Today!

Start planning your family-friendly farm tour today! And if you’re still looking for some more tours or attractions in Lancaster, PA, check out our blog for additional things to do in Amish Country today!