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Enjoy Lancaster’s Many Amish Country Attractions

Lancaster County is home to the second-largest Amish settlement in the world. Visitors come from around the world wanting to see a real Amish farm or even an “Amish village.” Fortunately, there are many ways to learn more about Amish culture and what the Amish believe.

Lancaster County’s unique Amish attractions offer a good place to start. You can tour Amish exhibits or homesteads. You can take tours through the countryside past Amish farms. You can even take an Amish buggy ride and learn about their way of life while riding in a carriage driven by an Amishman.

Here in the Amish Country of Lancaster County, you can get away from your hectic urban environment and find a more relaxed, slower-paced atmosphere along our country roads. That’s one of the reasons this area is such a popular vacation and weekend getaway spot. You can even take Amish farm tours while you are here. See our Attractions Directory to learn more.

Learn About Amish Life

Here are a few businesses and organizations where you can ask those questions while you learn firsthand what the Amish life is all about. Explore Amish culture and learn why they choose to live a different lifestyle from you and me. You may even find that studying the Amish way or life makes you rethink some of your own priorities.

If you want to know more about the Amish lifestyle— such as who are the Amish, why do they live the way they do, and why do they avoid modern conveniences— then see the Amish Attractions below.


Mennonite Information Center

2209 Millstream Rd. (off Rt. 30), Lancaster, PA 17602, 717-299-0954

Stop here first to learn about  Amish and Mennonite beliefs, lifestyle, and culture. Multi-media displays and programs to answer the question "Who are the Amish?".  Our Mennonite tour guides offer customized back country tours, including visiting Amish and Mennonite shops and farms. Also, home of the Biblical Tabernacle. Visit website

Amish Country Homestead & One-Room School

3121 Old Philadelphia Pike (Route 340), Bird-in-Hand, PA 17505, 717-768-8400

On your inside look at this “Heritage Site" you'll learn what’s it's like to live without electricity...The meaning behind Plain clothes...How an Amish house is furnished. In the schoolroom, sitting at actual desks from an Amish school, discover how eight grades are taught in one room by one teacher.   Visit website

Lil’ Country Store & Miniature Horse Farm

264 Paradise Lane, Ronks (Paradise), PA 17572, 717-687-8237

Visit our Amish farm and make new friends with our wonderful miniature horses. You can pet them, feed them, ride them, or take a cart ride. Also, pet and feed our goats and horses. Our Lil' Country Store sells Amish-made furniture, quilts, craft items, toys, food products, and gifts.  See webpage


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  1. I must say, I admire the tranquility of their lifestyle, and understand why they live the way they do. Out here in California, it does get crazy. So when my daughter and her husband found peace on a Native American reservation my wife and I also made it a place of refuge for us to escape to. Not only is the quiet a beautiful experience but to look up at the night sky and see the wonder that God has made is quite moving. To live in harmony with our fellowman as well as nature is a blessing

  2. i am bringing my grandchildren 11 & 12 to lancaster area next spring & would like them to see how the amish live & work we would like to say for 2 nights on a woking amish farm any suggestions? Thnaks!

  3. Why are all these Amish posing for pics? How real is this?

    • I’m not sure what you mean by “these Amish”. No Amish posed for any pictures on this website. Generally, you’ll find that the Amish do not pose for photographs. They believe that doing so violates the second commandment. Learn more about what the Amish believe.

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