10 Reasons Why Lititz is the Best Place to Retire in Pennsylvania

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Are you scouting for the best places to retire in Pennsylvania?

Are you considering Lancaster County as one of your potential retirement spots? In that case, you’re probably wondering: “Is Lititz PA a good place to live as a retiree?”

If you’re in the process of retirement planning in Pennsylvania, here are 10 great reasons why the answer is a resounding “Yes!”

1. #1 Retirement Spot in the US

Did you know that the U.S. News & World Report gave the No. 1 spot of honor to Lancaster, PA in its “2019 Best Places to Retire in the U.S.” list? The annual “Best Places to Retire in the U.S.” ranking was created to help retirees like you make an informed decision based on important factors that will make a personal impact on your life.


2. Overall Happiness of Residents

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One of the reasons why Lancaster County gained the distinction of the top retirement spot in the US is the growing overall ratings for happiness in residents. Happiness is something that you can’t buy, but it is something that you can choose. Your choice of a retirement spot can play a major role in your potential happiness as a retiree.



3. Affordable Housing and Cost of Living

Another reason why Lancaster County is one of the best places to retire in Pennsylvania is the rise of affordable homes. While you should enjoy your retirement savings, which you likely worked hard for all your life, you should also be wise in spending them. Living in an affordable town can help ensure that your savings will last for a longer time.


4. Community With a Heart

United Zion Retirement CommunityRetirement is a crucial turning point in your life. That’s why it’s important that you become part of a community that can offer you the support and camaraderie that you need in your golden years. Lititz is a caring community that encourages giving and volunteering. After all, Lancaster County actually donated more than $10 million in just one day to non-profit organizations through Extraordinary Give in 2018. Lancaster is also part of the annual Extraordinary Give efforts.


5. Low Tax Rates for Senior Citizens

In Lancaster PA, retirement is something you can look forward to in financial terms. Are you aware that the state of Pennsylvania fully exempts Social Security income, pension income for senior citizens who are 60 years old and above, and retirement plan payments such as IRAs and 401(k)s from state taxes? Aside from this, the average total sales tax rate is ranked as one of the 20 lowest in the nation.


6. Winner of “America’s Coolest Small Towns” Award

An Image Representing 10 Reasons Why Lititz Is The Best Place To Retire In Pennsylvania In Lancaster County, PaYahoo Life Budget Travel awarded Lititz the No.1 spot in its “America’s coolest small towns” contest in 2013. Out of 924 towns, the historic town of Lititz won the highest number of votes among a total of 96,605 votes and 2,415 comments. This proves that Lititz is not just an extraordinary place in the eyes of its residents, but by a lot of people all over the country, as well.


7. Historical Legacy

The history of Lititz can be traced back as far as 1576 when it was established as a Moravian community. During your retirement years, you have the chance to visit the museum and participate in the costumed guided tours featured by the Lititz Historical Foundation. While learning about the rich historical past of Lititz, you can also become a part of its dynamic present.


8. Lititz Events

An Image Representing 10 Reasons Why Lititz Is The Best Place To Retire In Pennsylvania In Lancaster County, PaYou will never run out of events to attend in Lititz. The town hosts a myriad of events that you and your family members can go to together. You can participate in street fairs, car shows, ice festivals, and antique shows. You can also experience the popular Fourth of July event in Lititz Springs Park.


9. Lititz Attractions

There are many places you can explore in Lititz. The town of Lititz features attractions like restaurants, bakeries, cinemas, parks, and more. It also showcases the Lititz recCenter, which offers different activities for people of different ages and fitness levels.


10. Farmers Market

An Image Representing 10 Reasons Why Lititz Is The Best Place To Retire In Pennsylvania In Lancaster County, PaHealth is wealth, especially during your golden years. That’s why the Lancaster County farmer’s markets can be considered a treasure for retirees like you. You can nourish your body with fresh-from-the-farm produce and goods you can buy at the market, including fruits, vegetables, meats, eggs, and more. You can also level up your kitchen skills by watching chef demonstrations at the Lititz Farmers Market.


The Best Place To Retire

If you ever find yourself thinking, “Is Lititz PA a good place to live?”, just remember these ten reasons why Lititz is one of the best places to retire in Pennsylvania and in the US.

Do you want to see with your own eyes if Lititz is the dream retirement place for you? You can schedule a visit to the United Zion Retirement Community. You can also call us at (717) 627-8421 for more information.


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