Introducing the Amish Frequently Asked Questions Series

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People Have Questions About the Amish and Their Lifestyle


Who are the Amish?  We try to answer that question with much of the Amish information included within this website. The Amish are faith-driven, family-centered, and live a simpler life.  They strive to uphold Biblical values within their community and in their relations with the larger English society. Their lifestyle is vastly different from our own, and many people don’t understand the reasons they live so differently from us.

This forum will give us a chance to answer some of the popular questions people have about the Amish.

We have been compiling a list of popular, insightful, and even funny questions that people have asked about the Amish. We will be answering questions that range from how do I become Amish and why don’t they use electricity to can I have a recipe for … and why don’t they cut their hair?  Some of your questions may already be answered on our Amish and Plain People page.

We have a number of local “experts” that will be helping to answer your questions. They include Amish business owners, an author who wrote about the Amish, and people who interact with the Amish community of a regular basis, sharing their knowledge and understanding with visitors to Lancaster County’s Amish Community.


Meet Our Team of Amish Experts:


A local Amish man from Old Windmill Farm – I was born in Lancaster County to Amish parents. I lived on the farm from age 5 to 23, when we got married. I have a lot of respect for the community, gave my life to the Lord and joined the Amish church. Now we live on the farm with seven children and offer farm tours where visitors can enjoy the farm and get a feel for the culture.

Brad Igou, Amish Experience – Brad Igou grew up in Lancaster City and lived with an Amish family for three months while in college. He then spent 12 years teaching in Costa Rica and Japan. Upon his return, he worked his way up the ranks to become president of the Amish Experience. He writes for Amish Country News and has published a compilation of Amish writings, Amish in Their Own Words.

Roy Bender, Mennonite Information Center –  I was raised Mennonite and spent most of my years in Mennonite-Amish communities. As a teenager, I spent time working on Amish-Mennonite farms and have been working at the Mennonite Information Center for almost 21 years.



So, if you’re ready, we’ll begin shortly with our questions.


You’ll find a list of the Amish questions that have been answered.