Rough and Tumble Engineers Historical Association

Rough and Tumble Engineers Historical Assoc., Inc.

4977 Lincoln Hwy. East (U.S. Route 30)
Kinzers, PA 17535

What is Rough and Tumble?

Rough and Tumble is a one-of-a-kind museum, a unique collection of antique and obsolete industrial and agricultural gas- and steam-powered machinery dating back to the early 1900’s.

Located on 33 acres alongside U.S. Route 30 in eastern Lancaster County, Rough and Tumble doesn’t just display old stuff. They maintain and restore and keep this old stuff in working order. And during their shows you can see this machinery in operation.

During their show days, they power up everything on site that can run. And during their annual Threshermen’s Reunion, everything on the grounds that can move under its own power will move during their daily Parade of Power. Visitors enjoy these 90-minute parades of antique and obsolete steam- and gas-powered machinery.

You can see a variety of machinery dating back to early 1900’s:

  • Antique farm tractors
  • Threshing equipment
  • Steam traction and stationary steam engines
  • Large gas engines
  • Hit and miss engines
  • Antique construction and earth-moving equipment, including steam shovels and dozers
  • Huge stationary engines retired from factories and ships, but now fully operational again and powered by steam, propane, and gasoline
  • A working blacksmith shop
  • An operating full-size sawmill
  • Antique cars and trucks

Working Fun for All Ages

All this will help bring out the inner boy in many men. But it is also a hit with kids, too. Children love the Little Toot Railroad. Kids and adults alike can ride behind this miniature steam engine in open top cars

Rough and Tumble is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization composed entirely of non-paid members who love maintaining and showing this antique agricultural and industrial machinery. Even when there isn’t a show going on, members can be found on the grounds working on and fixing up machinery. They love to talk about their current projects.  And they have volunteer opportunities, too.

In Model Engineering, those interested in steam engines and internal combustion engines can build miniature engines just like the full-sized ones, but consuming less space and expense. See Photo Albums and Videos of recent Threshermen’s Reunions and other events to see the wide variety of equipment involved.


Rough and Tumble Engineers Historical Assoc., Inc.

4977 Lincoln Hwy. East (U.S. Route 30)
Kinzers, PA 17535