Lancaster, PA Petting Zoos – Pet and Feed Farm Animals

Pet Goats, Miniature Horses, & More in Lancaster County

You can’t visit the farmlands of Lancaster County, PA without seeing many farm animals. There are many dairy farms here, so you’ll see lots of cows on your travels. And with all the Amish farms, you’ll certainly see some mules in the fields and horses pulling Amish buggies on our roads.

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Petting a Miniature HorseBut there are also a number of places in and around town where people – and especially young children – can come to pet farm animals. Especially for kids from larger cities, the idea of petting goats, horses, miniature horses, or other ‘wild’ animals can be pretty exciting.

Here are a few local places where you can stop to do just that. Some have pet food available so you can feed them (bring along some quarters)!

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Side Note: Apart from petting zoos, there are no zoos in Lancaster, PA, though there are some nearby. The closest zoos near Lancaster, PA are in Hershey, PA and Rising Sun, MD.

You’ll also find plenty of farm animals at our Community Fairs throughout late Summer & Fall.

And if you sleep over at a local Farm Bed & Breakfast, chances are they’ll have some farm animals you can meet and eggs you can gather.

List of Petting Zoos in Lancaster, PA:

Lil’ Country Store & Miniature Horse Farm

264 Paradise Lane, Ronks (Strasburg), PA 17572, 717-687-8237

Stop in and say Hello to the miniature horses, horses, alpacas, and pigmy goats at our Old Order Amish farm. They are gentle, friendly, and waiting to be petted and fed. Free admission. Saddle rides and cart rides are also available. Our store features Amish hand-crafted products, furniture, quillows, and food products.   Visit Website

Old Windmill Farm – Amish Farm Tours

262 Paradise Lane, Ronks, PA 17572, 717-687-7929

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Come experience life on an Amish farm. Milk a cow, feed a calf and the pygmy goats, miniature bull, and miniature chickens. Watch the pot-bellied pigs perform. All ages will enjoy this! Then tour their big garden and sample the fresh produce. Groups are welcome. Learn about Amish life from the Amish.    Visit Website

The Amish Farm and House

2395 Covered Bridge Drive,    Lancaster, PA 17602,    717-394-6185

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See and feed a variety of farm animals, visit our Amish schoolhouse, and ride on Amish scooters all on our 15-acre farm..  Learn about the Amish at our educational farm museum. We offer guided house tours through an old Amish farmhouse and bus tours through beautiful Amish country.    Visit Website

Cherry Crest Adventure Farm – Family Fun on the Farm

150 Cherry Hill Road, Ronks, PA 17572, 866-546-1799

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Have you ever held a real baby chick in your hands???
The animals on the farm are waiting for you to stop by and say HI! We have many Farm Fun activities for you to enjoy.   Visit Website

Corn Cob Acres: Field of Fun

191 College Avenue (Mountville Exit of U.S. Rt. 30), Mountville, PA 17554, 717-285-7748

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Animals abound at Corn Cob Acres!  From our popular Pig Race Shows to the town of Bunnyville (population always increasing), to our resident goat family, kids and adults alike are able to experience the joys of petting, feeding, and being entertained by live animals!  Come check us out!   Visit Website