Experience a Hot Air Balloon Ride in Lancaster County, PA

Lancaster Balloon Rides
Lancaster Balloon Rides
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Float Above Lancaster County in a Hot Air Balloon!

Imagine the exhilarating feeling of floating in a hot air balloon quietly above the beautiful patchwork farmlands of Lancaster County – the feeling, the view, the whole experience. What a thrill!

Sunrise and sunset flights are also available, which can make your experience even more memorable.

Come See Lancaster in a Whole New Way

The experience begins before the balloon lifts off the ground. If you arrive at the launch site early enough you may be able to interact with the flight crew and even help to assemble the balloon. Watch how they carefully lay out the balloon and the basket.  Then as they turn on the fans you can watch the balloon slowly start to expand, until it fully inflates.

Then it’s time to hop aboard and experience the rush as the balloon slowly, gently lifts off the ground. Imagine the view as you look down on Bird-in-Hand, Intercourse, and many local Lancaster attractions and points of interest. And picture the skylines of cities and towns off in the distance.

Be sure to bring your camera. This is an experience you’ll want to share with your family and friends, and look back on years from now.

Upon landing, the crew will pack up the balloon and drive you back to the launch site. After arriving, you’ll often get to join the pilot and crew for a traditional champagne toast and a light snack. You might also receive a flight certificate suitable for framing along with photos of your experience.

Here is video from the 2013 Hot Air Balloon Festival in Gap. PA:

Hot Air Balloon Ride Reservations

Be sure to call ahead to make reservations for your hot air balloon ride. When you call, be sure to ask about the specific details for your hot air balloon ride.

Don’t Miss the Adventure of a Hot Air Balloon Ride!

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