Strasburg Spring Auction & Mud Sale

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2013 Mud Sale Season Begins in Strasburg

The 2013 Mud Sale season began today with…well, mud. The day began with a constant drizzle and temperatures in the mid 30’s. It didn’t take long before the grass became covered in mud.

But otherwise the 39th Annual Spring Auction at the Strasburg Fire Company got off to a rollicking start with auctions and crowds in all directions.  There were seven or eight large tents set up along with additional auctions going on both inside and outside the fire hall. At one point I counted at least 10 auctions going on at once.  In one tent, there were three different auctions going on simultaneously.  The place was hopping!

Inside the fire company building were auctions of quilts and quilted products.  Under the tents there were auctions for household furniture, outdoor furniture and lawn ornaments, antiques, desks, toys, tools, farm and garden tools, and more. Outside auctions included bushes and shrubs, flowers, and farm equipment.

One tent had a pile of craft items that had to be 30 feet long, 10 feet wide and up to 15 feet high just waiting to be auctioned. Also on deck was a tent full of horses all numbered and ready to be auctioned.  There was even an arcade style basketball hoop game and a foosball table waiting to be auctioned. There were also sales tables for belts and knives.

Strasburg Mud Sale

A number of Amish boys had there four-wheel wagons ready to help customers transport their purchases back to their vehicles. The boys were seeing plenty of action.

Strasburg Mud Sale

And then there was the food. There were long lines waiting for barbeque chicken. hot dogs, and other lunch items. But there was also homemade soup, pretzels, home made ice cream, a variety of baked goods and doughnuts, waffles, and candy bars.


With all the activity and commotion, the atmosphere was almost like a town fair or carnival, except without the rides. Life is good, even in the mud!

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