Snow Storm Blasts Lancaster County

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Winter Storm Burying Lancaster County in Snow

Winter storm Jonas is wreaking havoc on the mid-Atlantic states including Pennsylvania and Lancaster County, with 24-36″ of snow a possibility.

It started snowing here just before 7 pm last night, and as of 11:00 this morning parts of Lancaster have received around 16 inches so far, with snow drifts over two feet deep in spots. Snow rates have been reported of 1-3″ per snow.

The snowfall is expected to continue until midnight tonight before the storm moves further up the east coast.

Clear weather and sunshine is expected on Sunday. Lancaster scenery can be breath-taking after a snow storm. Tomorrow you can expect to see scenes like this around Lancaster County:


Amish Buggy in Snow

On a related note, you can watch video of an Amish buggy doing donuts in the snow.

The Seasons of Lancaster County

You’ll find more about typical winter and seasonal weather patterns for Lancaster County here.