Pokemon GO is Popular in Lancaster County

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Pokemon is Riding the Comeback Train Here

Remember the Pokemon toys that you or your kids used to play with 15-20 years ago? Well, Pokemon has been revived as a free smartphone app that people can play throughout the United States and, soon, throughout most of the world.

Pokemon GO was released for mobile phone users in the United States on July 6th, and has since become amazingly popular nationwide, including here in Lancaster County. In its first week it became the most popular mobile game ever, and  its daily activity is approaching that of Twitter.

While this game is a hit with the Millennials, it has also become popular with people of all ages.

What is Pokemon GO?

Pokemon GO is an augmented reality game where Pokemon creatures are overlayed onto Google Maps. Players find and try to capture these Pokemons by walking around town. More and more you’ll see people walking down a sidewalk or crossing a street while staring at their cell phone. Chances are these are Pokemon GO players searching for their next catch.

Players capture these Pokemons by throwing Pokeballs at them. Players can stock up on Pokeballs for free by visiting PokeStops, or they can battle other players at Gyms. That’s why players want to know where these locations are.

Lancaster County PokeStops and Gyms

Many of these PokeStops and Gyms are located at parks, churches, historical markers, and post offices. And many are also located at local businesses.

But Don’t Miss the Rest of Lancaster County!

While you’re out exploring Lancaster County PokeStops, be sure to enjoy Lancaster County, too. You’ll find that Lancaster has far more fascinating and enjoyable points of interest than many people realize. This website includes descriptions of many local attractions, historic sites, museums, and more. You’ll find them listed under “Things To Do” in our website navigation.

Get Out and Enjoy Playing Pokemon GO in Lancaster County

Pikachu and the other Pokemon critters are waiting for you. Get out and find them while you enjoy all that Lancaster has to offer.