Hot Air Balloon Festival in Gap, PA

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Hot Air Balloon Fest Lifts Off in Lancaster County

Tonight the Community FallFest & Hot Air Balloon Festival in Gap got off the ground, so to speak.

Balloon Festival In Gap

Around 6:00 pm tonight 12 hot air balloons took off from Houston Run in Gap.  It was a beautiful night. Clear blue skies, temperature in the low 70’s. And balloon after balloon slowly rising from the ground and drifting off in pursuit of those that had lifted off just moments before.  Needless to say, the crowd enjoyed the show.

Balloon Festival In Gap

Tonight’s balloon launch was just the first of three balloon launches scheduled for this event. The others will be early Saturday morning and again Saturday evening. Both are weather permitting. Balloon rides will also be available with both Saturday launches.

Other events at the Community FallFest include balloon glows, a car and motorcycle cruise, and fireworks Saturday night. See our event listing to check the tentative time schedule for the rest of the features items that make up the Community FallFest and Balloon Festival.

Hot Air Balloon Rides

You can experience the thrill of a hot air balloon ride any time.  The U.S. Hot Air Balloon Team has over 25 years of experience in thrilling their customers.  Their hot air balloon rides lift off from the Bird-in-Hand Family Inn along Route 340 in Bird-in-Hand. They offer sunrise and sunset Rides. Call for information and reservations at 800-763-5987.