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Lancaster County’s Home for the Cultural Arts, the Arts at Millersville, located in downtown Lancaster at the Ware Center and on Millersville Campus at the Winter Center, hosts a variety of performing arts programs that adults and children can enjoy together. Our Family Fun Fest programs offer an accessible, fun and multi-cultural experience with the Performing Arts. Many of these shows provide sensory-friendly programming and ASL interpretation, making the performances enjoyable for families affected by sensory, social and cognitive disabilities. Our Family Fun Fest events also include interactive pre-show activities beginning one hour before each performance in the lobby of Steinman Hall at the Ware Center or Clair Hall at the Winter Center.


The 2018-2019 Family Fun Fest season includes:


Dan Zanes and Claudia Eliaza- Night Train 57

Family Friendly Entertainment With The Arts At Millersville Image For HappeningsSunday, September 23 | 3 p.m.

“Night Train 57,” is the first entirely sensory-friendly work to be commissioned by the Kennedy Center. Now, our Family Fun Fest series is bringing Grammy-winner Dan Zanes, Claudia Eliaza and Yuriana Sobrino to the Winter Center. This sensory-friendly comic folk opera will take audiences on a far-out ride to the galaxies and back. During a joyous dusk-to-dawn trip through the stars, passengers on Night Train 57 will discover the power of friendship and community with the sounds of 21st-century handmade sing-along music. Full of festive original folk songs played on guitar, trombone, mandolin, flute, harmonica and ukulele, mixed with powerful voices, this performance will delight children and adults alike. The show will provide ASL interpretation.


Scare at the Ware!

Family Friendly Entertainment With The Arts At Millersville Image For HappeningsSaturday, October 27 | 2 & 7 p.m.

There’s a haunted house in the Ware Center and the raven Poe will take us to explore each room. What’s inside? Something decrepit, something deceased, something that growls like a hideous beast, perhaps there’s a tentacle, perhaps there’s an eye, to find out get your tickets, the time’s drawing nigh.

After the shows, the puppeteers invite families (ages 7 and up) to an informal, 30-minute Puppet Magic Q&A immediately following each performance. Learn all about the behind-the-scenes action, illusions and practical effects created for the production of Scare at the Ware! ASL Services are available for these performances.

*Starting one hour before the 2 PM performance ONLY, children are welcome to participate in creative, hands-on activities.


PA Ballet II: Prince CharmingFamily Friendly Entertainment With The Arts At Millersville Image For Happenings

Saturday, January 19 | 1 p.m.

We all know about Cinderella and how she met her prince. But what if the Prince himself told the story? From PA Ballet II, enjoy this brand new ballet choreographed by Assistant Artistic Director Samantha Dunster with a score by Kermit Poling. This is a sensory-friendly performance.


You and Me and the Space Between

Family Friendly Entertainment With The Arts At Millersville Image For HappeningsWednesday, April 3 | 7 p.m.

The island is sinking. Its adults are useless. Time for the kids to save the day! The island of Proud Circle springs a leak and its citizens must find a way to stop their home from disappearing. It takes the wondering mind of a child to save the island, its people and their ways. From Australia’s world-renowned Terrapin Puppet Theatre, comes a tale that is brought to life by storytelling, choreographed projections and live drawn animation that explores the plight of refugees fleeing environmental change, told through the eyes of a child. Audio description and ASL services available for this performance.


Sonia De Los Santos Quintet

Family Friendly Entertainment With The Arts At Millersville Image For HappeningsSaturday, May 4 | 1 p.m.

Join us for a Cuatro de Mayo celebration as Sonia De Los Santos takes the audience on a musical journey from Latin America to New York City. Born and raised in Monterrey, Mexico, Sonia has been touring the world since 2007, singing in English and Spanish, playing guitar, mandolin, jarana and lighting up the stage with her effervescent style of music. Messages of joyful community music-making and cultural bridge building will inspire and excite children and grownups of all backgrounds. This is a sensory-friendly performance.


If you or your guest(s) require ASL services, please contact the Ticket Office at (717) 871-7600 to purchase your accessible seats.


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