Honor and Adventure: Celebrate Memorial Day Weekend in Lancaster, PA

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Looking to celebrate the ultimate Memorial Day Weekend in Lancaster, PA? 

Memorial Day is more than just a long weekend – it’s a chance to celebrate our country’s heroes and the freedoms they fought for. And Lancaster County has plenty of ways to do just that. 

Whether you’re a local or a visitor, Refreshing Mountain is the perfect place to honor the occasion with brand new heart-pumping adventures  and wholesome family fun. These Ascent and Basecamp packages are designed to maximize enjoyment, allowing families to participate in 6-7 activities within 3.5 hours.

Here are a few of the exciting things you can expect with Refreshing Mountain’s Basecamp and Ascent packages during Memorial Day weekend:

Basecamp Package

Refreshing Mountain - Stevens, Pa (Lancaster County)

The Basecamp Package includes six popular activities within a 3.5-hour timespan:

Elevated Obstacle Course:

This course features 33 unique obstacles across its first two levels, providing a challenging and entertaining physical activity for all ages.

Climbing Tower: 

The Climbing Tower offers multiple climbing routes, enabling participants to compete against each other or enjoy a leisurely climb under the guidance of trained staff members.

Sling Shots: 

Participants can test their accuracy at the slingshot station, where marbles serve as ammunition and multiple stations are available for simultaneous play.

Pedal Carts: 

Families can try pedal carts on an on-site track, allowing multiple individuals to race against each other simultaneously.

Wildlife Experience: 

Refreshing Mountain hosts an extensive Wildlife Center where visitors can encounter a variety of animals, such as snakes, hawks, owls, and turtles.

Farm Animal Experience: 

This hands-on activity introduces participants to a variety of farm animals, including goats, pigs, and horses, offering insights into their lifestyles.

While the Basecamp Package does not include ziplining, additional options such as the Aerial Excursion or the Challenge Adventure Course can be added at a discounted rate. Moreover, over two miles of hiking trails, a playground, and basketball courts are available for free use.

Ascent Package

Refreshing Mountain - Stevens, Pa (Lancaster County)

Like the Basecamp Package, the Ascent Package incorporates the six activities mentioned above within a 3.5-hour timeframe. As an added bonus, the Ascent Package includes the Flying V zipline, a two-line zip suitable for beginners or families wishing to explore new heights.

Additional Zipline Adventures

For those interested in zipline courses beyond the packages mentioned above, Refreshing Mountain offers two more options:

The Challenge Adventure Course:

This adrenaline-pumping course features five ziplines, culminating in a thrilling zip across a pond to a running landing on the other side.

The Aerial Excursion Course: 

As the longest course on site, the Aerial Excursion includes seven ziplines and three sky bridges, accommodating up to eight people per tour and lasting approximately 2-2.5 hours.

Non-Zipline Activities

Refreshing Mountain - Stevens, Pa (Lancaster County)

Visitors seeking alternatives to ziplining can explore various other activities:

The Pool: 

Open throughout Memorial Day weekend, the pool offers relaxation and recreation for all ages, including a designated kid’s area with water fountains.


Our Axe Throwing is available for ages 13 and up, challenges participants’ accuracy and power in a safe, enclosed environment.

Escape Rooms:

Refreshing Mountain presents a selection of escape rooms with varying degrees of difficulty, testing participants’ teamwork and problem-solving skills as they attempt to unravel clues and riddles within a one-hour timeframe.

Experience a Thrilling Memorial Day Weekend in the Heart of Lancaster, PA

So, enjoy a host of exciting and engaging activities during the Memorial Day weekend in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. With options ranging from obstacle courses and ziplining to wildlife encounters and escape rooms, you’ll find something everyone in the family will enjoy at Refreshing Mountain.


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