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Reflections on Vacation and Retreat

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In recent years a very successful model of personal debriefing for Christian leaders has been discovered.  The Le Rucher debriefing helps missionaries find new vitality and meaning for their work.  It is a guided 5-day rest for personal reflection, sharing their story, and gathering new perspectives from God. Not only for missionaries but for any leader,  this is a proven method of assessing life and ministry events in a safe and supportive environment.  It is a structured progression through stressors, associated losses, adjustments, and recovery of hopes and dreams. The result is fresh vision and energy for re-engagement.

We offer this as a package with a stay at our Blue Rock Bed and Breakfast.    We encourage all pastors, missionaries, ministry or business leaders to consider this for making the most of your next vacation.  The five days of debriefing is a perfect way to begin a several-month sabbatical or scheduled downtime.  More is described at .


~ Post submitted by Ed Hersh, Blue Rock Bed & Breakfast


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