How to Spend Your Lancaster County, PA Day Trip

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Lancaster County, PA is well known as the home to the oldest and largest Amish communities in the United States. However, Lancaster County is more than just the Amish. The area has much to choose from: the great outdoors, culinary delights, unique art, historical attractions, and more. We assembled a sample one-day itinerary for a day trip to Lancaster, PA, with the right balance of the expected and special surprises.

U.S. Hot Ait Balloon Team overlooking Lancaster County, PA
Start your day trip in Lancaster, PA off right

Get the lay of the land around Lancaster from above. A morning air balloon ride with the U.S. Hot Air Balloon Team will show you Lancaster County from a different perspective. Experience the thrill of a sunrise ride over the rolling farmlands and views of the Susquehanna River’s tributaries and beyond.

If heights aren’t your thing, why not experience the Amish’s favored transport with a horse and buggy ride through the countryside? Aaron & Jessica’s will take you on tour through Lancaster’s real, working, non-commercial Amish farms. Guided by an Amish tour guide, they’ll explain the Amish history and share more about their lifestyle and customs as they navigate you around the rural parts of Lancaster County.

Central Market Amish crafts display in Lancaster, PA

Have an afternoon spent like no other

Head on over to Kitchen Kettle Village and shop for quilts and food in the marketplace. Spend time at Kitchen Kettle Village, and you’ll quickly find there’s more to do than you think. Here you’ll find colorful, locally-made quilts, hand-crafted candles, fresh salsa, award-winning wines, and locally-cured meats and cheeses.

If you’re still itching for more market finds or a quick lunch, check out Lancaster Central Market, the oldest continuously operating farmers market in the United States. At Lancaster Central Market, you’ll find the usual suspects: meats, produce, and artisan cheeses fresh from the farm. You won’t want to miss delicious, favorite local desserts like shoofly pie along with other family recipes from around the world.

Take a trip to Wilbur Chocolate
Take a short trip to Lititz

As part of your day trip to Lancaster County, make sure you check out Wilbur Chocolate, a landmark fixture in Lititz for over 100 years. The company is known for its chocolate candy called Wilbur Buds, first introduced in 1894. Shop the candy store for a wide choice of unique gift items, homemade fudge, various sweets, and, of course, Wilbur Buds.

After indulging on Wilbur Buds, burn some calories and take a bike tour with Lititz BikeWorks & Bike Tours. Explore quiet roads where Amish farmers tip their hats in greeting, and the peaceful sights set you at ease. Each bike route includes exciting and fun stops along the way, from ice cream at a dairy farm to drinking beers at a local brewery.

Wrap up your day trip in Lancaster County with an amazing meal

Finish off your tour of Lancaster County with a well-deserved dinner at the Log Cabin. Opened as a speakeasy during Prohibition, the restaurant features various dining areas, a piano bar, and an outdoor patio. At the Log Cabin, you can relax amid the log walls and fireplace while you enjoy your steak or seafood fare.

Now is the time to get lost on the quiet backroads and explore the charm of Lancaster County. The beautiful countryside and unique attractions of Lancaster spread out all over the county. make it the perfect place for friends, couples, or if you’re planning a day trip to Lancaster with kids. It’s best to plan to make the best use of your day in Lancaster County. Remember: There’s more than just the Amish in Lancaster County! Start planning your memorable trip today and begin discovering all the area has to offer.