Back To School Checklist: 7 Things You Can Do To Make The First Day Of School a Breeze

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With the summer weeks continuing to pass, back-to-school season is just around the corner for many schools in Lancaster, PA. As summer draws to a close, parents need to be at the top of their game and start preparing for back-to-school needs before it arrives.

Take inventory

Before you start preparing for what you need, it’s essential to take inventory and note what you already have. From school supplies like folders and notebooks to lunch boxes, school clothes, and other essential items, take a look at what your child already has.

Once you know what they have, it’s easier to plan for what new items you still need to get. Learn more about things we suggest preparing for back to school as you check for supplies.

Check for supplies

Dayspring Christian Academy - Mountville, Pa

Dayspring Christian Academy – Mountville, Pa     Being prepared to go back to school is necessary if you want your child to feel equipped and ready to tackle the new year. Whether your student is in kindergarten or high school, there are some everyday items you should make sure you have prepared for the start of the year.

For lower-school students, items including pens, notebooks, and pocket folders are essential, along with some of these other items. For students entering upper-school, many of the same items are needed in addition to some of these others, like headphones, a Bible, and composition books.

Mark your calendars

Preparing for the school year includes more than just getting items for the first day back. Now is also an excellent time to organize your calendar for the year and get important dates penciled in. You can view all of Dayspring’s school calendar events here, but some you don’t want to miss at any school include school closing dates, standardized testing days, and school field trips.

Tour the School

Not only is it vital for you as the parent to know where your child goes to school, but it can also be very beneficial for your kids to tour their new environments, too. Tours and open houses offer times for you and your family to explore the school grounds, get a lay of the land, and ask any questions you might have to those familiar with the space.

We invite you to tour Dayspring Christian Academy at a time that works for you.

Summer homework and reading

Many schools in Lancaster, PA, offer summer homework and reading assignments that help keep your child learning and engaged all year long. If you need some extra support encouraging your child to dive into learning in a fun and inviting way, you may want to start by writing a list of your child’s interests. From there, look for books that align with what they enjoy, and then open the book and read together.

Unsure of what to read? Dayspring Christian Academy has some ideas for you!

  • Grade 1, ages 6/7 – Little House in the Big Woods, Abigail Adams, Pinocchio
  • Grade 2, ages 7/8– Heidi, Daniel Boone, Charlotte’s Web
  • Grade 3, ages 8/9 – Trumpet of the Swan, Hans Brinker and the Silver Skates, Ben West and His Cat Grimalkin
  • Grade 4, ages 9/10– Carry on, Mr. Bowditch, Treasure Island, The Secret Garden
  • Grade 5, ages 10/11 – Little Women
  • Grade 6, ages 11/12 – Odysseus, A Christmas Carol, Up From Slavery, Tom Sawyer
  • Grade 7, ages 12/13 – Iliad, Ivanhoe, and Wizard of the North (Sir Walter Scott biography)
  • Grade 8, ages 13/14 – The Miracle Worker, Ben Hur, Odyssey
  • Grade 9, ages 14/15 – The Deerslayer (excerpts only), My Antonia
  • Grade 10, ages 15/16 – Beowulf, The Canterbury Tales, Paradise Lost (excerpts), Jane Eyre
  • Grade 11, ages 16/17 – Pilgrim’s Progress, and A Tale of Two Cities (AP also reads Till We Have Faces, and To Kill a Mockingbird.)
  • Grade 12, ages 17/18 – Hamlet, The Crucible, The House of the Seven Gables, The Great Gatsby (AP also reads Pride and Prejudice and The Heart of Darkness)

Understand Early Child Education

Parents and students in early childhood education may not know what to expect entering school or have questions about what to do before arriving. What requirements are there for kids entering preschool, and what should you know going into things?

  • Most students must be a certain age, generally 3 years old by September of that year
  • All children must be potty trained
  • Physical examines are usually required for students before starting school
  • Snacks are provided at school

You can check out more at Dayspring’s Preschool information page for additional things you should know for these young learners.

Don’t Forget the Teacher!

Don’t forget to get to know your student’s teacher! They will spend most of their time with this person and learn greatly in these formative years from their words, actions, and behaviors. It’s essential to establish a relationship with your child’s teacher so that you have a pulse on what goes on in the classroom and so that your teacher is comfortable communicating important information with you.

About Dayspring Christian Academy:

Dayspring Christian Academy - Mountville, Pa

Dayspring Christian Academy – Mountville, PaDayspring Christian Academy is a Christian school in Lancaster County, PA, for Pre-K-12. Through classical Christian education (The Principle Approach®), rigorous academic instruction & experienced faculty, graduates of Dayspring are well-prepared for college or to enter the workforce. Combining academic education with a foundation on biblical principles, Dayspring’s faculty can facilitate learning, character development, critical thinking, and reasoning.

Learn more about the different offerings at Dayspring Christan Academy for students of all ages!

Prepare for back to school now! 

Preparing for back to school with your kids can and should be fun! But, when you foster an environment that celebrates learning, your children will learn to celebrate it, too. From school supplies and basic lists to morning routines and learning your child’s new space, a little planning now will go a long way come school time.

For other questions or if you need more information, you can visit Dayspring’s website here!


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