When Should You Hire a Pest Control Company

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Making a decision about when to hire a professional for any job around your home can be difficult, particularly if it’s something you feel that you can do yourself. Pest control is one of these situations. There are a lot of home remedies that are effective for small problems, but pests typically travel together and multiply quickly, which is where hiring professionals come in. If you’re having trouble deciding whether you need professional pest control or not, follow these tips.


Cost of Home Remedies

Fox Pest Control - Lancaster County, PaSome home remedies are inexpensive and should be your first choice in home defense. For example, if you see a mouse in your house, you can purchase a pack of traps for just a few dollars. This will work well if you only have a few mice in your home. However, they typically live in groups and can cause serious damage to your home. 

Wasps are a similar problem. If you have wasps in your yard, you might be able to get away with hanging a few wasp traps around. However, if you have a wasp nest, particularly near your home, you may want to consider hiring the pros so you and your family don’t risk getting stung. 

What Type of Pests Do You Have?

Fox Pest Control - Lancaster County, PaAs mentioned above, there are some pests that you can handle on your own, but there are also some pests that you should get professional help with immediately. The best example is termites. Each year, termites cause an estimated $5 billion in damage to homes. This damage is rarely covered by insurance and can range from a chewed-up 2×4 to the entire house collapsing on itself. Termites are incredibly difficult to get rid of because they live in such large colonies, and a queen can lay over a thousand eggs in a year. 



There are several things to consider when deciding how to treat your pest problem, besides the obvious financial concerns mentioned above. Take some time to think over these factors before making your decision



When taking a DIY approach to pest control, all of the instructions on how to use them are right there on the trap, can, or sprayer. However, a professional will be able to take one look at your home and be able to identify what the problem is, and outline steps on how it can be fixed. 



When you purchase a chemical pesticide at the store, you probably have no idea what’s in it, or if it is safe for your family and pets. When you hire a pest professional, they will not only use more effective chemicals but also make sure that they are safe for your situation. 



Home pest control options can be effective, but there’s no way of knowing if your problem is completely taken care of. You may have to go back to the store and purchase more traps and chemicals. If you hire the professionals, they will ensure that the problem is completely taken care of, and come back and take care of stragglers (free of charge if you use a good company). The pros use time-tested methods for extermination, which will be more efficient and effective than most DIY options.

 Fox Pest Control - Lancaster County, Pa

Bottom Line

There’s a lot to think about when it comes to pest control. If you’ve run out of DIY options or would like to prevent future headaches and infestations, it may be time to let the professionals step in. Call your local professionals today to receive same-day or next-day service from a friendly, certified technician. 


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