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5 Ways You Can Turn a Shed into a Dream Space


Today’s sheds are becoming much more than just a place to store your lawnmower or Christmas decorations. Instead, homeowners are turning their custom shed into an additional living space and a dedicated place to work, play, and relax.


Here are some of the most popular & unique uses for our custom sheds:



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1.  Man Cave/She Shed


The latest trend in backyard structures is creating a personal hideaway. Whether you want a man cave or she shed, the goal is the same: create a uniquely personal space to unwind, relax, or entertain your friends. Popular additions include an entertainment center to watch the game, a bar to enjoy drinks and play games, or a comfy couch to curl up with a good book.


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2.  Home Office


Whether you are self-employed or a remote employee, you need a dedicated space to work. Featuring sturdy construction, plenty of headroom, and unlimited customization options, a shed is a perfect way to add a home office to your backyard.


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3.  Woodworking Shop/Hobby Studio


A custom shed or garage can provide much-needed space for the DIY woodworker, car mechanic, or crafter. Many backyard shops add garage doors to easily move tools and vehicles in and out of the space.


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4.  Exercise Room


Instead of hiding their home gym in a basement or garage, many homeowners are building a yoga or workout room in their backyard. The convenience of having a workout space in your backyard eliminates excuses for not working out, while large windows can provide plenty of natural sunlight and views of your yard, inspiring you to stay healthy.


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5.  Playhouse


Don’t settle for a standard plastic playhouse for your backyard. Give your family a place to create, play, and let their imagination run wild. A custom playhouse gives additional space to play and can be designed to blend in by matching your home’s exterior. Plus, when the kids get older, you can convert it into a man cave, she shed, or backyard office.


Design Your Dream Space Today

Feel inspired to add a dream space to your property? Visit our online design gallery of sheds and garages, choose from the hundreds of custom options, and see our tips for adding a custom backyard structure to your property.


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