Spring & Summer Pests in Lancaster 

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Pest Control Tips & Pest To Watch For This Spring

Spring is here in Lancaster County! We welcome the warmer weather and spending more time outside. But with the good things spring provides, it also means nasty pests are here ready to invade your home and yard.  But don’t fear! Here are a few simple spring-cleaning tasks and pest control reminders that will help you keep pests away and identify if you have a problem.


Spring Clean-Up Tips That Keep Pests Away

Yard Debris: Get rid of leaves, rotting wood, and dead plants. They are perfect places for bugs to live.

Standing Water: Check your gutters, yard, and driveways for any puddles. Spring thaw is the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Brush, Bushes & Foliage: Thick, untamed growth attracts more bugs and pests. Keep them trimmed back.

If you’re doing all of these things and are still having pest issues, contact us. We’ll help you identify the issue and create a plan to get rid of them.


Spring Pests You Might See Soon: Termites, Ants & Carpenter Bees

Spring is when termite swarmers, ants, and carpenter bees thrive in our area. They are most likely to begin invading your home now, so be on the lookout!

Stop Termites Before They Do Real Damage

Akita Pest Control - Lancaster, PaIn our area, termites emerge and swarm during this time. The workers live in the soil and travel underground into the wood. A termite infestation can go years without being noticed. Contact us if you see termite swarmers near your home.




Signs of Carpenter Bee Damage

An Image Representing Spring &Amp; Summer Pests In Lancaster  In Lancaster County, PaCarpenter bees typically damage a small section of exposed wood along the outside of the home. They make a lot of noise and are easy to spot. Carpenter bees leave 1/2-inch holes and plenty of sawdust behind, which makes it easy to spot damage.

Contact a pest control service if you see carpenter bees near your home or notice signs of their damage.



Keep an Eye Out for House Ants

Akita Pest Control - Lancaster, PaApril is when ants begin waking up from hibernation. Ants invade homes in search of food and a place to nest. If you suddenly start seeing ants on countertops, floors, and walls, and bait traps don’t seem to be working, contact a professional. There may be a larger underlying issue that needs to be investigated.



Ant Swarmers (Flying Ants) Emerge

Akita Pest Control - Lancaster, PaIf you find flying ants inside your home, it is likely that a nest is nearby. Ant swarmers are male and female ants that have broken off from an existing colony to form a new colony. You do not want that new colony established in or near your home.

Early spring is when you will start to see ant swarmers, which look like termite swarmers. See the image below to get a closer look at a male and female ant swarmer. You might see swarmers crawling outside a window or exterior wall. If you do, contact a pest control professional.


Contact Us for Trusted Pest Control Services

Most pest control treatments you find at home centers and hardware stores are not as effective as professional treatments. If you find yourself still dealing with a pest issue at home after trying DIY solutions, schedule service online or call 717-220-5840.


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