Tips for Moving to Lancaster in the Winter

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The first few months of the year in Lancaster can involve some unpredictable winter weather, and if you are planning to move during those months, it helps to be prepared! Don’t let unexpected weather conditions throw a wrench in your moving plans. Some simple preparations will ensure that your moving day goes smoothly, come rain, snow, or whatever winter throws your way! 


Make Sure Your Utilities Are Turned On

Jeremy Ganse - Lancaster, PaThis first tip is important no matter what time of year, but having functioning light and heat during move-in day is especially important when the weather is below freezing. If your heat is turned off for too long during the winter, not only do you risk having a chilly house, but you may also risk

having your pipes freeze, causing damage to your new home. Once the utilities are turned on, visit the property before move-in to ensure everything is functioning properly. This way, you can identify and fix problems before move-in day. 


Clear Driveways and Sidewalks of Ice and Snow

Jeremy Ganse - Lancaster, PaThe day before or the morning of moving day, make sure movers can get in and out of your house without risking slips or falls! Stocking up on salt, sand, and shovels beforehand will ensure you are prepared to clear the way if winter weather causes hazardous conditions. If you cannot clear your driveway on your own, hire a local snow removal service to have walkways and driveways cleared before the moving truck arrives.



Cover Your Floors 

Jeremy Ganse - Lancaster, PaIf you are clearing snow and salting your walkways, there is good chance dirt, debris, and snow will make their way inside during your move and cause damage to your new home interior. Before movers arrive, place and secure floor mats at all the entrances and put covers on the major walkways your movers will traverse. If you have carpeting, you can lay out cardboard held in place by small tacks. To protect hardwood, layout plastic tarps or tape down craft paper. Taking these precautions will protect your floors and require minimal clean-up afterward.


Discuss Inclement Weather Policies With Your Moving Company

Jeremy Ganse - Lancaster, PaIf you are planning a long-distance move or looking into quotes for movers, ask them about their policies regarding inclement weather. This way, you will be on the same page if poor weather conditions interrupt your plans. 





Being prepared is the best way to ensure your move to Lancaster, Pennsylvania. If you are considering a move to Lancaster County, the Jeremy Ganse Team would be happy to help you find a house to call home! Contact their office at (717) 208-4240 or visit for more information.


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