Beautiful, Craftsman Style Homes in Lancaster County, PA

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Jeremy-Ganse-BuggyMoving to Lancaster County, Pennsylvania has many advantages. From the stunning, rolling fields to the lively, thriving Downtown, Lancaster has something to offer everyone. 

One of Lancaster’s most unique advantages is the many beautiful, craftsman style homes! With a rich history and a strong foundation, anyone would be lucky to call one of these unique houses home. The Jeremy Ganse Team has outlined a few details below about craftsman style homes. Check it out! 


What is a Craftsman Style Home?

Jeremy-Ganse-Craftsman-Living-RoomA craftsman style home is one that meets the criteria for a specific form of architecture dating back to the European Arts and Crafts Movement in the 19th century. During the movement, people were turning away from the mass-produced construction style of homes and commercial buildings for a more handcrafted and original approach.

Near the turn of the century, the Arts & Crafts Movement appeared in America thanks to the founder and editor of The Craftsman Magazine, Gustav Stickley. His magazine featured blueprints for homes designed with this unique style in an effort to make the elite architectural design available to the average person. 

Craftsman was initially a term used for houses built from the plans featured in these magazines. What we consider a craftsman style home today is one that includes many of the same identifying features, staying true to the original Gustav Stickley vision that each home would be unique to the original homeowner’s preferences and needs. 


Are Craftsman Style Homes Affordable?

Jeremy-Ganse-Craftsman-PorchCraftsman style homes typically sell on the higher end of the spectrum, as they are full of history and character. These houses are a type of bungalow that has a limited space or height layout. They are known for having a large central living room area and a distinct exterior style. 

Craftsman style homes also feature wide porches and eaves that often overhang. Interior features include hardwood floors and intricate woodworking. You may find luxurious extras such as French doors, elaborate built-in shelving, and plenty of attention to detail. The average asking price of a craftsman style home starts around $317,506

If you are looking for a home that has remarkable aesthetic value, craftsman style is the answer. Their architecture and design set them apart from mass-produced houses, making the cost well worth it. 


How Can I Find Out More About Craftsman Style Homes?

To find a craftsman style home perfect for you, contact the Jeremy Ganse Team. With headquarters in the heart of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, they are more than happy to not only introduce you to the area but also to find you the perfect home. Contact their team by calling (717) 208-4240 or visiting


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