Ask a Pro: Tips for Maintaining Your Lancaster County Lawn Equipment

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post by JB Hostetter & Sons.

Here in Lancaster County, our rich farming heritage has influenced how we take care of our home’s lawns and gardens. A quick drive through many neighborhoods in Lititz, Manheim, Mount Joy, and elsewhere and you’ll see lush, green lawns, well-kept flower beds, and not a leaf anywhere.

To keep your lawn and property looking its very best, it is important to have the right lawn equipment and tools to do the job right. Here’s some advice for keeping your equipment well maintained – especially in the late summer and into the fall.


Keep Your Equipment Properly Maintained

If you’re like most homeowners, you have your lawnmower, line trimmer, and blower tuned up before the spring. Since many repair shops can get flooded with orders in March and April, it’s best to schedule a tune-up in January or February, when lines are shorter. This allows you to be prepared in case spring starts early.

A typical seasonal tune-up of a lawnmower, tractor, or trimmer includes cleaning and replacing air filter, installing fresh spark plugs, changing the oil, sharpening & balancing the blades, and a full inspection of all parts and components. By having an experienced mechanic comb over every inch of your equipment, you can feel confident that your mower or tractor is ready for the upcoming season.


Late Summer Repairs

As the summer progresses, it is common for lawn equipment to break down. A season’s worth of lawn work, combined with operator error, can mean broken or bent blades, cables, or other components – often due to hitting rocks, stumps, or mowing against bushes or trees. Another common issue in late summer is the buildup of packed grass under the mower. Without properly cleaning out this debris, you may experience issues with the drive belts, pulleys, springs, and other moving parts.

When your mower or tractor breaks or is underperforming, you’ll want to schedule an expert to look at it. Fortunately, an equipment repair facility will be over the early spring rush and should be able to inspect and repair your equipment in a timely manner.

Some lawn equipment repair shops in Lancaster County offer convenient pickup and delivery service, so you don’t have to figure out how to get your mower to their facility. If you don’t have a neighbor who you can borrow equipment from until yours is repaired, consider renting a mower from an equipment rental company; this way you can keep your grass looking great until you get your mower back.


Preparing for Fall Clean Up

When the leaves start changing colors and falling to the ground, you better be ready. Now is the perfect time to inspect your fall power tools – blowers, chippers, and shredders – and have them ready come fall. You’ll also want to keep your mower in good working order, in case you use the bagging feature to pick up leaves and debris from your yard.

For homeowners with mature trees, or for those who enjoy a fireplace or wood-burning furnace, you’ll want to check your chainsaw and log splitter. Trimming your trees to remove any dead or damaged branches is a smart choice to prepare your property for winter and potentially save your home from damage.


Lawn Equipment in Mount Joy, PA

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