How Safe Are Lancaster County Roads?

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Every year, hundreds of thousands of cars, vans, trucks, tour buses, and horse & buggies travel the highways and country roads of Lancaster County. How safe are these roads, and how often are there accidents in Lancaster County? In this article, we will look at traffic safety data for Lancaster County – straight from PennDOT.

Traffic Accidents in Pennsylvania

According to the latest PennDOT data, there were a total of 104,493 accidents throughout Pennsylvania in 2020. In the same period, there were a total of 4,800 traffic accidents, which accounts for 4.6% of all accidents in PA

What Lancaster Roads are the Most Accident-Prone?

According to the data, there are several Lancaster County roadways that have the most accidents:

  • Route 30–405 accidents (8.44%)
  • Route 222–395 accidents (8.23%)
  • Route 462–261 accidents (5.44%)
  • Route 272–256 accidents (5.33%)
  • Route 23–224 accidents (4.67%)

What Lancaster County Communities Have the Most Accidents?

Trinity Law - Lancaster, PaThe same data shows us the communities with the most traffic accidents:

  • Lancaster City–562 (11.71%)
  • Manheim Township–550 (11.46%)
  • East Hempfield Township–328 (6.83%)
  • East Lampeter Township–251(5.23%)

Downtown Lancaster city is home to tight streets and a high volume of daily drivers passing through.  Additionally, Manheim Township is home to the major highways of Route 30, Route 222, and Route 283. It is no surprise that these two municipalities stand above the other municipalities in Lancaster County.

How Many Horse & Buggy Accidents Occurred in Lancaster County?

A common question for residents and tourists alike – how many accidents involve horse & buggies? According to the PennDOT data, there were 23 accidents that involved a horse & buggy in 2020. This number is decreased compared to 2019, when there were 29 accidents involving a horse & buggy.

Additional Data on Traffic Accidents in Lancaster County

On our website, we have a complete breakdown of the latest PennDOT data for traffic accidents in Lancaster County.  We also have data for neighboring counties – including York, Dauphin, and Cumberland counties.

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