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Finding Your New Furry Friend: A Guide to Choosing the Right Dog Breed

The saying “looks aren’t everything” pertains to dog breeds, too! When looking for a new furry companion, many families pick by the looks of the breed without doing any research about personality traits.

Before selecting a dog breed, it’s important to understand a dog’s behavior as well as assessing what you want in a puppy. 

Understanding Breed Characteristics

  • Behavior traits – Every dog breed has their own behavior traits that owners should be well aware of. If you’re looking for a very intelligent, easy to train dog, the Border Collie is an excellent choice. Looking for a less-energetic dog full of cuddles and love? A bulldog should be on your dog radar. 
    • Size – Did you know that the cute tiny fluffy ball of fur you are looking to adopt weighs between 80-115 pounds during adulthood? Size must be taken into consideration when adopting a dog, especially for those who live in cities with little to no outdoor space for their puppy to exercise. 
  • A few of the best dog breeds for apartments: 
        • Greyhound
        • Pug
        • Shih Tzu
        • Boston Terrier
  • Keystone Puppies - Lancaster County, PaGrooming – Certain breeds require more attention when it comes to staying on top of their fur upkeep. For instance, poodles require daily brushing to prevent the matting of their coat. Failure to do so can lead to a full shaven puppy during an upcoming grooming session. 
  • A few dog breeds that require grooming:
        • Poodles (or any doodle breed)
        • Yorkshire Terrier
        • Bichon Frise
        • Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
  • A few dog breeds do not that require grooming:
      • Dachshund
      • Beagle
      • Chihuahua
      •  Pug

Your Lifestyle

    • Keystone Puppies - Lancaster County, PaActivity level – Consider your preferred free-time activities and whether or not you enjoy adventurous outings and exercise. If the answer is yes, breeds like Golden Retrievers and Dalmations, known for their energy and love of the outdoors are worth considering. 
  • A few dog breeds perfect for the outdoorsy lifestyle:
        • Australian Shepard
        • Labrador Retriever
        • Jack Russell Terrier
        • Bernese Mountain Dog
  • A few dog breeds for homebodies:
      • Maltese
      • Basset Hound
      • Shiba Inu
      • Chow chow
  • Travel and commitment – Consider how much time you spend away from home and the level of commitment you can offer to your puppy. Certain breeds may experience anxiety when left alone, so it’s important to choose a breed who fits your lifestyle of traveling. 
  • A few dog breeds who are more likely to? suffer from anxiety:
        • German Shepards
        • Labrador Retrievers
        • Bichon Frise
        • Cocker Spaniel
  • Financial considerations – Adding a four-legged friend to your home is always a pleasure, but one must take into account their financial situation. Dogs can be expensive so it’s smart to review your budget and ensure you can afford ongoing expenses such as dog food, veterinary bills, and grooming costs. 

Training and Attention

Keystone Puppies - Lancaster County, PaUnderstanding breeds and their different training requirements is essential before adopting a new furry friend.

While intelligence and trainability are beneficial, it’s ultimately up to the owner’s commitment to how much they put into training tactics such as positive reinforcement and consistency. 

  • A few dog breeds considered easy to train:
    • Border Collie
    • Poodle
    • German Shepherd
    • Welsh Corgi
    • Golden Retriever

Special Requirements

Some dog breeds are hypoallergenic, which is a great option for those who suffer from allergies. 

  • Breeds that are almost dander-free to consider are: 
    • Poodles 
    • Doodle dogs 
    • Irish Water Spaniel 
    • Yorkshire terrier.

When it comes to finding the right dog breed as a service dog, several factors are to be considered: Temperament, socialization, physical attributes, and which service the dog is assigned to do. 

  • A few popular dog breeds used for service:
    • Labrador Retriever
    • Boxer
    • German Shepherd
    • Great Dane
    • Pomeranian 

We hope this guide helps you choose the right tail-wagging buddy for your needs and lifestyle! 

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