Why Buy Amish Furniture?

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Do you need new furniture for your home and are weighing your options?

You could shop online, but a lot of what you will find is shipped from overseas where the possibility of damage in transit on its way to you is high.

Another option is to shop locally at a chain store. You’ll likely find lots of options, but most of what you’ll see is mass-produced in a foreign country on the opposite side of the globe, and of lower quality (but still very pricey due to the high cost of importing and layers of management associated with mass manufacturing).

Another option is to shop for Amish-made hardwood furniture. If you’re curious about this option and want beautiful user-friendly furniture for your home that will last for many decades, keep reading.

Amish Furniture: Key Features to Look For

The furniture from Country Lane Furniture is made completely by hand, one piece at a time. It takes longer, but we as well as our customers from across America think it’s worth it. The furniture you buy from us will last longer, looks better, and offers the enjoyment of longer-term value. Plus, most of the items in our 62,000 sq. ft. showroom are available for immediate pickup or scheduled delivery.

Key Features of Our Amish Furniture:

  • Made from 100% solid hardwood (including drawer boxes)
  • Does not contain particle board or laminate
  • Mortise & tenon joinery and dovetailed drawers
  • Wood finishes contain several layers of high-quality conversion varnish that withstand water and many household chemicals.
  • Does not have photographic woodgrain foil or any other veneer.
  • Attention to detail in every piece, from initial wood selection to the finished product.

All of Our Amish Furniture is Popular

Come visit us at our 62,000 sq. ft. showroom in Annville, PA you will find beautiful, locally-handcrafted solid wood furniture. Our customers rave about our many designs and styles for every room in every home.

Check out the styles of some of the popular items that thousands of our customers from every state in America have purchased.


Country Lane Furniture - Annville, Pa

Amish Furniture FAQ

Is Amish furniture less costly?

When considering the price, we’ve been hearing stories from our customers who’ve learned to know a good investment. They tell us how they enjoy nature’s beauty and the durability of our locally handcrafted solid hardwood furniture every day, for many, many years. Our Amish furniture is virtually indestructible.

Do Amish furniture craftsmen create new styles while continuing to build premium-quality pieces?

We design new styles according to our customers’ desired styles in mind, which often are a requirement of their user-friendly styles and needs. We also continue to change our furniture inventory with popular style trends. In our showroom, we show thousands of pieces in many styles. Sometimes our customers remark that they love so many different dining suites or bedroom suites that they would need a home with 20 dining rooms and 20 bedrooms. Often customers will come in with an idea of the style they want to purchase and when they see the 75 dining sets in our showroom, they choose an altogether different dining room or bedroom set. Others add to the existing set they’ve purchased from us 5 or 10 years prior. Simply put, the cheaply made imports can’t compare to locally handcrafted hardwood furniture and the caring help we provide.

Is all Amish Furniture Quality the same?

As in most trades and with many craftsmen, some pride themselves in crafting the best possible piece every time as if it was made for themselves or their best friends. There is another type of craftsman who feels that it’s good enough. There is a difference. Our philosophy is such that only the best in every piece is good enough for us to offer to our customers with our name attached to it. We have many customers who’ve told their family and friends of Country Lane Furniture’s Gold Standard of consistent solid quality furniture.

What makes Amish furniture Amish?

Our Amish handcrafted furniture is reminiscent of a simpler time when quality and craftsmanship mattered. We feature the largest selection of beautiful Amish and Mennonite handcrafted solid hardwood furniture in one location here in Pennsylvania. Our craftsmen are skilled master woodworkers who still make furniture the old-fashioned way: one piece at a time and completely by hand.

Amish and Mennonite locally made furniture that adds a sense of coziness and warmth to a room. It also serves as a strong reminder of a time when workers took pride in their craft, treating every piece as if they were required to place their signature on the finished product. At Country Lane Furniture, this close attention to detail shows today in the beauty and quality of every piece of furniture in our 62,000 sq ft store.

Where is most of our Amish and Mennonite Furniture made?

The Amish and Mennonite solid hardwood furniture we sell in our showroom is made by our local Amish and Mennonite woodworkers, many of whom we know personally for several generations.

Why Buy Amish and Mennonite Furniture?

You have options for shopping for Amish furniture in Lancaster County. So why choose us?

  • For a fair price you want heirloom-quality home furnishings
  • You don’t want to settle for “ordinary”
  • Furniture that is well-crafted and looks great matters to you
  • You want options, and the ability to design and custom order a piece if necessary
  • You want friendly, careful delivery and installation by our knowledgeable team
  • You appreciate shopping without being pressured, with a family team that cares about their integrity and work to please you as if you were our family and friends.

One Last Thing: Custom Amish and Mennonite Furniture

At Country Lane Furniture, we offer you the ability to customize most any piece of furniture (other than cribs and accessories), so you can get Amish furniture that matches your style and space requirements. We can help you design the perfect piece from small up to wall to wall.

We’ll work closely with you during the design process, showing you all your options so that your dream furniture piece becomes a reality. This enables us to incorporate your unique ideas into your new furniture. In addition to customizing furniture from pre-existing designs, we can build you a custom furniture piece from scratch to the exact specifications you want. Bring in your specifications (or let us help you create the design) and we’ll construct a completely new piece to fit perfectly in the same room as your existing heirloom (or other) furniture.

Country Lane Furniture - Annville, Pa

Visit Our 62,000 Sq Ft Showroom in Annville, PA

Visit our Amish furniture store today at 10 Nathan Lane, Annville, PA 17003. You can also give us a call at 717 -867-5701 or send us an email – we’ll be happy to help you find or custom build to fit the perfect furniture for your home or business! Enjoy nature’s beautiful artwork, own Amish Handcrafted Solid Wood Furniture.

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