Amish Asked to Pick Up after Horses

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The above was the headline in a story from the Vernon Broadcaster in Vernon County, Wisconsin. It seems that some residents from the city of Viroqua have complained to local officials about horse manure on city streets.

The city has asked a local Amish community elder “if the Amish could use a sling device that would catch manure before it hits the ground”.

Another suggestion was for the buggies to carry a bucket and a shovel. Can you imagine what that would do to congestion on city streets if the buggies had to stop every time a horse made a deposit? And what if the buggy had only one occupant and there was no place nearby to tie up the horse so it didn’t run off?

Here was our reply to their dilemma:

Here in Lancaster, PA, living alongside the Amish is a way of life. The Amish are good neighbors. Sure, their horses do occasionally make a mess on the streets. But after a few days it either dries up or the rain washes it away. Horse manure is far more tolerable, and smells less, than what dogs do. And it’s a lot easier to get off your shoes!