Wilbur Chocolate Candy Americana Museum & Candy Store

Wilbur Chocolate Company

48 North Broad Street (Route 501)
Lititz, PA 17534

In Lititz, You Can Smell the Chocolate

Wilbur logoAs you drive into or through Lititz, Pennsylvania, you can often smell the sweet aroma of chocolate being made at the Wilbur Chocolate Company on North Broad Street (Route 501) in town. Wilbur Chocolate has been a landmark fixture in Lititz for over 100 years. The company traces its origin back to the 1860’s in Philadelphia and Lititz. (You can read more about their history here.)

Each year the Wilbur manufacturing plants produce over 240 million pounds of chocolate products and various other food ingredients.

Their feature products include the Wilbur Buds, which were first introduced in 1894.

Wilbur Chocolate Candy Americana Museum

In the front of the chocolate plant is Wilbur’s Candy Americana Museum. Here you can learn about the history of chocolate making. Their chocolate museum has over 1,000 candy molds, tins, boxes, and other memorabilia on display, including:

  • items from an 1800’s candy kitchen
  • a large display of antique candy molds
  • tin and glass candy containers
  • an outstanding collection of 150 antique porcelain chocolate pots.

A video program describes the history of chocolate and the production process from the cocoa bean to the development of the chocolate products we all love.

You can also watch candy being made by hand in their candy kitchen.

Wilbur Chocolate Candy Store

Then, browse through their Candy Store for a large, enticing selection of candies, chocolate specialties, and unique gift items, including homemade fudge and Wilbur Buds. They also give out free samples of their Wilbur Buds.

Wilbur products and gifts are also available online.  Their website has a catalog available as well as candy making tips and chocolate storage suggestions.

Free Admission

Admission is free at the Candy Americana Museum and the Wilbur Chocolate Candy Store.

Wilbur Museum

Chocolate Pots

Wilbur Candy Store

There is much to see and do throughout the Litiz area:

Wilbur Chocolate Company

48 North Broad Street (Route 501)
Lititz, PA 17534

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