A Lane Living – Adirondack Outdoor Furniture

A Lane Living Outdoor Furniture

A Lane Living – Adirondack Outdoor Furniture

1 S. Market Street
Mount Joy, PA  17552
717- 415-8703

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About A. Lane Outdoor Furniture

In 1926 A. Lane Furniture was established by my Great uncle Abe in Harrisburg PA. Today as a fourth-generation Lane we are expanding our family’s legacy into handmade outdoor furniture.

As the fourth generation of the Lane family continues, we take great pride in preserving A. Lane’s legacy while igniting our future with excellent customer service and offering only the best high-quality American made products. Our Poly furniture is made locally from premium grade recycled plastics and assembled with marine grade stainless steel fasteners. Each extraordinary piece of furniture is handcrafted by a local Amish manufacturer located in the heart of Lancaster County Pennsylvania.


What is Polywood…

A-Lane-Living-PolywoodPoly is a low maintenance wood alternative made from recycled ocean plastics, milk and detergent bottles, and many other scrap plastic materials. During the recycling process, these plastics are cleaned to remove any residual original product, labels, and dirt. They are then extruded into plastic “boards” that from afar appear to be painted wood boards but contain no wood or wood byproducts. The scientific term for recycled plastic

The scientific term for recycled plastic is high-density polyethylene (HDPE), with UV-inhibited pigment (color) systems, foaming compounds, and other select process additives. The final product contains over 90% recycled plastic by weight. This is NOT the same plastic used in the plastic chairs sold at the big box stores that cracks, fades, and breaks after only a few years in the elements.

The light-stable color pigments are mixed with UV-inhibitors and stabilizers that are throughout the thickness of every board. Therefore, you will experience very little fade of the color and it will not wash off over time. It will not need to be stained or painted but just cleaned with a soft soap to renew the original finish and sheen.

Because HDPE is infinitely recyclable, using it in any outdoor product is a great way to do your part in helping our environment and preserving a clean future world. The overall durability of Polywood will prevent you from discarding your purchase in a few years like many of the wooden and plastic chairs, tables, and benches in years past.

Polywood has been in the market for several years and we at A. Lane are proud to offer its superior durability and longevity as the main part of our product line. Polywood furniture is sleek and modern looking and requires little yearly maintenance other than hosing off the dirt and dust and it’ll be ready for your next gathering!


Unique Colors

Not only is Poly lumber extremely durable and weather resistant but it’s also available in a wide array of colors. From traditional browns and classic whites and grays to ocean-inspired blues and bold yellows, there is an abundance of hues at your disposal. Explore all our color options to find the perfect furniture colors for your own outdoor retreat.


Why We Recycle


As wood furniture crafters, we were looking for a durable solid wood product. But while there are weather-resistant species such as cedar, teak, and redwood that make fine outdoor furniture, we still worried about longevity and durability. Poly recycled plastic lumber (RPL) is a thick, dense plastic product that replicates high-quality tropical lumber in dimension, weight, and strength.

Poly is made from recycled plastic bottles and ocean plastics. for an eco-friendly company like us, that’s important. It reduces the amount of plastic in landfills and in our oceans. Poly puts less demand on vulnerable tropical rainforests that are being clear cut to produce low quality teak & eucalyptus furniture. It also helps clean up our oceans from plastic floating debris, helping our maritime ecosystems thrive with marine life while appearing cleaner.



Where It’s Made

A-Lane-Living-WorkshopAll of our furniture is made in Lancaster County, PA by Amish craftsmen. Their work ethic, craftsmanship, and ingenuity are second to none. If you already own any Amish furniture inside or outside your home or have had anything done by these people you understand why we are so proud to have them as partners in our business. If this will be your first purchase of any of their products you will be amazed by the attention to detail and finished products.

We offer several different styles, finishes, and many colors to meet our customers’ endless imaginations and needs. All of our products are custom made to your design ideas.  Therefore pending the time of year, there may be a wait time of 3- 4 weeks to receive your order. Your patience is appreciated through this time but we assure you your wait will be well worth it.


A Lane Living

1 S. Market Street
Mount Joy, PA  17552
717- 415-8703    email

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