The World Through Bella’s Eyes

The World Through Bella’s Eyes

A Pit Bull’s Story


Have you ever felt misunderstood?


In this inspiring true story, Bella shares her experiences of being mistreated, enduring the pit, and left in the woods to starve to death. Now while facing the unknown, she’s ignored for being different, and afraid to trust again.

She never understood why nobody liked her. All she ever wanted was to be loved, and to love others. Will Bella be able to overcome the trauma of her past? Join her on her quest to find happiness and love in a forever home.

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A Unique Bond


It wasn’t just Lindsay that saved Bella. It was Bella who also saved Lindsay. In this story find out how this mistreated and beautiful dog overcame her past to love once again. Tag along and see how Lindsay helped save this beautiful dog and build a passion to help this misunderstood pit bull breed.

Appeared #1 on Amazon’s New Releasees in 5 different categories in the first two months.


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Peter A Harrower & Lindsay K Harrower

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