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Business Information Group: Where Technology Never Stops

Business Information Group (BIG) is a leading IT and software development company in central PA. BIG helps businesses in Lancaster County with innovative technology solutions. BIG’s services include managed IT, software consulting, network design & engineering, wireless connectivity, and cyber security.


Managed IT

business-information-group-managedYour company’s IT infrastructure is a crucial element to your success, affecting customer service, productivity, and security. Get experienced support for your IT and infrastructure needs by working with Business Information Group.

BIG is an award-winning provider of managed IT services in Central Pennsylvania.

Regardless of size, BIG has the capability to securely manage your network so that you can focus on running your business.


Software Consulting

business-information-group-softwareGrowing businesses rely on instant access to the wealth of business or project data. An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system provides real-time data throughout your company, which fosters collaboration and faster decision making across the team. BIG’s software consulting team helps Lancaster County businesses switch to ERP solutions from Viewpoint and Deltek.

For 17+ years, BIG has partnered with Viewpoint, the leading ERP provider for the construction industry. BIG has helped over 1,000 AEC companies across the United States implement and customize Viewpoint.

Case Study: See how BIG helped Leer Electric connect their field & office teams with Viewpoint.   View Project >


Network Design & Engineering

business-information-group-networkThe backbone of any 21st century business is their network infrastructure. Yet too many networks are older and cannot handle the demand of wireless connectivity, nor designed to proactively defend against cyber-attacks. And most businesses take a reactionary approach to network updates, only investing in scaling infrastructure when it reaches its limit.

BIG specializes in designing & installing network infrastructure that can handle the bandwidth demands for the devices of today and tomorrow. Whether you are looking to expand your existing network or rebuild one, BIG’s team of network engineers can design a network that is reliable and flexible for your needs.

Case Study: See how BIG worked with Yazoo Mills to create a more collaborative workforce through network upgrades.   View Project >


Wireless Services

business-information-group-wirelessWireless connectivity is no longer a luxury; it is as expected as utilities like water and power. And the demand for wireless connectivity will only increase as employees and guests add more devices and complex system interactions.

BIG helps organizations and communities design, engineer and maintain WIFI networks in order to provide the connectivity that people and businesses are expecting.  Through specialized engineering and validation BIG can commit to connectivity that allows manufacturing facilities to automate their warehouses, universities and schools to provide the necessary connectivity for students, enables senior living communicates to connect their residents to what matters most and enhances mobility and collaboration for businesses of all kids.

Case Study: See how BIG helped Morey’s Piers in Wildwood, NJ improve guest satisfaction by improving wireless connectivity.   View Project >


Cyber Security

business-information-group-cyberEvery day, cyber criminals gain access to business networks, from which they take confidential information, steal money, and hold the network hostage for a large ransom payment. Hackers are not concerned with the size of your company nor the location; they will do whatever they can to gain access to your network. If they do, your company could suffer negative publicity, downtime & lost productivity, and severe financial losses. More than 60% of companies go out of business within six months of a cyberattack.

BIG offers proactive monitoring and protection of your company’s network. From conducting recovery efforts after an attack to designing secure networks that proactively defend against threats and attacks, BIG’s team provides the experience and support your company needs.

BIG’s cyber security services include incident response, risk mitigation, secure network design, security compliance, training, and active monitoring by their 24/7/365 Network Operations Center.


Central PA’s Leading IT Company

Incorporated in 1992, BIG has been central PA’s leading IT company for nearly 30 years. BIG has been recognized with the following CPBJ’s awards:

Top Winner – Software Development Company (2019, 2021)
Top Winner –  IT & Tech Support Companies (2021)
Top Winner – Telecommunications Company (2021)
Top 3 IT & Tech Support Companies (2018, 2019, 2020)
Top 3 Data Management and Protection Companies (2019, 2020)
Top 3 Cybersecurity Companies (2020, 2021)
Top 3 Software Development Companies (2020)




Business Information Group

156 North George Street, Suite 100
York, PA 17401

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